March Sketching

March 31, 2021 | 8 Comments

Once again it was another big month on the blog… so it’s time to do a quick recap of what I got up to.

Sketching Outings

Due to a lot of rain in March I didn’t get out as much as I’d hoped. But this is what I did manage:

Local Sketching

I’m wanting to sketch more locally but most of that has been cafe-related especially during the big OneWeek100People challenge.

Quick vs slow sketching

A major theme in my recent interview – Making it look easy: A SneakyArtist Podcast interview – was the importance of quick and spontaneous sketching. But at times I do an hour long sketch…mainly because I’m talking too much!


The most popular topic for my blog articles this month has been related to materials – updating my current sketching kit list, trying new watercolours and revisiting my watercolour pencils and my coloured inks.


And the month would be lacking without a few teacups, wouldn’t it?

Four versions of my pink cup: 2014-2016

A sunny teacup for a wet day

Even though I’ve been publishing a new article most weekdays, I haven’t been sharing a lot of my everyday pages… so I will end this post with a heap of double-page spreads from Sketchbook 143 (5.5×8.5″) and Sketchbook 144 (8×10″).  You’ve seen some of these before but I think it’s always fun to see the sketches in the context of the whole spread and the sequence of pages. BTW the smaller book was a challenge and I’m much happier now that I’m using the 8×10 again!

How was your sketching in March? I hope that you are happy with what you achieved!

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  • Suzanne Spaid says:

    Wonderful to see your work for this month.

  • Sandy Tello says:

    Taking your Foundations class for the first time and see how you incorporate your concepts into daily sketches…fascinating!! It’s also funny that you experiment so much with color, exploring properties of non-typical mixes, and coming up with wonderful combinations. Gives me more confidence and inspiration to “play” with watercolor every day!

  • Jamie C says:

    My favorites are always the daily everyday sketching! I’m working on improving my own! Love your notes and, a particular joy of mine, the maps! Do you find the maps take longer than sketches?

    • Liz Steel says:

      Thanks Jamie. Yes maps do take quite a bit of time. Stay tuned as I will be doing lots of maps soon.

  • Ellen Agger says:

    I was so excited by your wonderful conversation with Nishant Jain on his Sneaky Artist Podcast that I listened to it twice! There were all kinds of nuggets in it that I jotted down to think more about later. I’m going through Foundations again (my third time) and using concepts from the wonderful Sketchbook Design course to tackle more complex spreads as I do the exercises. I love seeing your monthly emails to inspire me and give me more ideas. Thanks so much for what you do, Liz, and your unending enthusiasm and support for endless learning.

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