Its all Greek to me...

February 21, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

120117 Its all Greek to me
I have been having a break from posting but still trying to do a spread a day in my sketchbook to record the random events of the day. These two pages, from a few weeks ago start a little adventure I plan to have during my evening post dinner cup of tea. I am going to start exploring what I see as essential elements of architecture. Having a knowledge of these things help enormously when sketching architecture.

I am going to start with the classical orders (fancy name for different types of columns and the bits on the top) There are 3 of them: Doric, Ionic and Corinthian … In fact they became five during the renaissance (tuscan and composite were added) My history of architecture is not to be totally trusted and will be ultra simplified but I will try not to be too incorrect. The 3 orders were codified by the Romans…but they got them from the Greeks. So I am starting with the Greek Doric.

Anyway… Here are my fun, too late at night, sketches of the Doric order. Including the mistakes I made along the way because I drew first and looked second!?!
120118 Columns for my Egyptian, Assyrian(?) and Indian friends
When I posted the above page on flickr, Maarten pointed out that I was a little narrow in my definition of THE orders. Last night I could find any Chinese, Aztec or Mayan columns easily in my library BUT I found these….
So I hope I didn’t offend any one in this regard?!?! I am very grateful to Maarten for pointing my shortcomings… It is great to get such feedback and to then lead me down a little tangent…so thanks!!!

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