Day 07 - Caernarfon to Llandudno

November 3, 2009 | Leave your thoughts

Day07_00 Combo1
Day 07 – I am still in my first week and only 6 spreads left in my book! So I had to be careful today so that I did not toally run out! Although an impressive castle, I was overdoing the Edward I castles a bit and didn’t intend to visit Beaumaris. However the place I really wanted to see was not open till noon… So what else was I going to do with myself… I couldn’t just find somewhere nice to sit and relax could I?????
Day07_03-05 Penrhyn Castle
Penryhn Castle was a REAL highlight! Wow! I really really want to go back. A Victorian masterpiece full of consistently impressive interiors all in Romanesque style (many based on Durham cathedral which I was planning to visit – alas wasn’t able to get inside…but more of that in week 2!) Here are my three pages that I did – I plan to do a more careful plan and elevation sometime….
I know that I am a hopeless case to draw my food all the time…but often it is the only seated sketch opportunity one has in the day!
Day07_06 Llandudno
After all the heavy slate coloured stone castles that I visited a seaside resort town was a delgihtful change… Such a pity I only arrived at 5pm in the evening and had an early start the next day. I enjoyed sketches these so much – a great way to finish my Welsh book….
Day07_07 Last Page Volume1
In fact this was the last page – I paced myself too well and had a page spare… So just had to sketch my dinner to finish my book.
Wow! End of Volume 1 of my Europe 09 trip.

I might have a few days off before starting Volume 2 although I am really hanging out to share decent scans of my Castle Howard sketches ( some of my favourite of my trip) I have a few sketches from the weekend just past (you know, back home, normal life, that kind of stuff!) that I have to scan….

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