Europe09: Day 00 - The Journey Begins

October 26, 2009 | 2 Comments


Here is the full amount I did on the flight on my first day (Day 00) – didn’t quite feel like drawing those classical orders (who was I kidding?)

But I did fill my quota without really trying to or feeling well enough to sketch…

Tragically I never got to do the corresponding sketch on my paint tin on the way home as I lost it. But I can tell you that my 3 favs – ultramarine, burnt sienna and raw sienna would have been almost completely finished.

Click on the image which will take you to flickr then hit the ‘all sizes’ and then ‘original’ to have a closer look (and read my crazy notes if you must…though not so interesting on a long haul flight!) – I don’t intend to post every single page as a separate image…. but here is the first spread.

I was determined to get out in the backyard for a cup of tea on the morning I left. I had to leave at 10.15 so just enough time for a quick cuppa and some winter sun and a quick page in sketchbook. It is quite amazing how every time I saw this sketch during the holiday it shouted out “Australian” to me – it really made me aware of how bright our sun is due to the strength of the shadows that I painted. Of course the high frequency of grey days during my sojourn in the UK was probably a factor too!


  • Rob Carey says:

    It is interesting to me, as I read this post, that I made a similar observation of the brightness of the sun this past summer. I had spent all year sketching outside here in Germany, then trying to sketch in California, and I really noticed a difference in the light as I tried to capture it in a sketchbook. I had never noticed it like that before. Thanks for mentioning that. Fun to read.

  • Olha Pryymak says:

    You produced so much good work on this trip – amazing!

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