Cuppa Tea Time: Diana's Shelley Cup

May 21, 2016 | 3 Comments

Just a quick Saturday post to share a cuppa sketch from morning tea with a local artist Diana this week. She pulled out her cups to show me and of course I had to sketch the Shelley.

This is the second time in a row that I have been visiting friends and they offered me a Shelley cup. Shelley is the best in my opinion! BTW this pattern is remarkably similar to my Royal Albert Lady Carlyle but the china is much finer.

But the important aspect of this sketch is not the cup itself. It is the memory that I created.

The memory of the lovely morning tea, and more importantly the memory of a mutual friend that we recently lost. Talking about her is what I will remember in the future when I look at this sketch.

Sometimes when we sketch we are aware that we’re creating an important record of an event, but other times, especially when we are sketching ‘just mundane everyday life’, we have no idea how significant this will be to us in the future. Trivial sketches are often most interesting a few years later as they evoke memories of a period of our life that we have forgotten about.

Hmmm, writing this is making me think that this is another compelling reason for just sketching ‘whatever’ on a regular basis. So let’s keep at it, ok?

Have you sketched something this week that you think will be an important memory down the track?

Have a great weekend everyone!


  • Linda Daily says:

    Being a tea addict I just love your teacup sketches! I need to paint my collection this summer.
    My sketch this week was the outfit I will be wearing to our son’s wedding in a week! We will be traveling from coolish Portland,Or. to hot and humid Memphis,Tenn. I promised not to sketch at the wedding! But I will put memories of this special
    Occasion in my sketch journal.

  • Diana brandt says:

    What a lovely time we had remembering our friend. Thankyou for visiting and enjoying tge feel of that beauriful china on you lips.

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