BCN.UK.2013: Unfinished Pages

August 6, 2013 | 1 Comment

One of my most basic sketchbook compositional strategies is to leave a lot of spare white space on the page. I don’t often do a sketch that totally fills a page or spread (sometimes, but it is not standard) this then leaves me room for adding text or drawing a map or other collage bits and pieces.

Here is a collection of pages from my 4 sketchbooks that are incomplete… when having a crazy non stop trip being with people all the time leaving plenty of white spaces is even more important.  I am conscious during the day of leaving gaps so that when I get a chance (sometimes in the evening or early the next morning) to fill in more details. Sometimes I only get the linework done, or a pencil outline of the map etc. Some trips I have very little homework as I do most of it in the evening… but this trip, I have a lot. Thats ok – I love drawing maps and adding the details as I want to create a record of my adventures and it makes the trip extend longer…..

Also on very busy days when rushing from one social engagement to another and trying to squeeze in a sketch that I don’t really have time to attempt (do I ever do that???) I do resort to taking a photo and adding the colour later… I much prefer to add paint at the time but sometimes have to compromise…

Some of these pages are going to be a fun compositional challenge to complete (something that I really love… trying to tie together various images on a page)

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