A very special sketchbook from the symposium

August 18, 2011 | 1 Comment

One of the things that I was REALLY looking forward to at the symposium was being able to share it with my great sketching friend Alissa Duke (she is an organiser of the wonderful sketching group that has been forming in Sydney) We got up at 4am on the day when registration opened so we could book the sessions we wanted together – how keen is that. Sadly Alissa was unable to make it so I thought I would try to collect some sketches from others to bring back for her. The result is this little book…

Here are the pages in full and here is a link to a version of the book in issuu so that you can turn the pages.

Sadly, I was not able to fill up the book with other peoples sketches- 3 days is not long enough for that…so I filled up the book re-doing some of my sketches when I got home(some of them sketches at 5am when I was awake due to jet lag!)

A HUGE THANKYOU to everyone that contributed!!! She LOVES it!! (and I do too – what a privilege to be able to carry something so special for a few weeks!) I will be in contact with you shortly in order to organise emailing you original scans (or you can leave a message here so I can get in contact)

And a big sorry that I didn’t get around to more people!

Finally…. please go over to Alissa’s flickr and say hello and see all the fabulous sketches she has been doing in Sydney lately!

1 Comment

  • Just enjoyed my breakfast (including last Portuguese Tart) reading every word and image of Alissa's unique sketchbook. Brava, Liz. It is a wonderful idea, beautifully executed.

    I'd love to have been a fly on the wall when you presented it to Alissa.

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