A mini crane crawl at Cockatoo Island

April 15, 2014 | 4 Comments

If you haven’t realised already I addicted to sketching at Cockatoo Island… and the strange thing is that lately every time I go I am seeing EVEN MORE things I want to sketch. The more I explore the more I see! I never got to do the cranecrawl that we proposed for USK SYD last year… but well, yesterday I started. 4 crane sketches in a short visit to the island!

WARNING: Big images with a lot of scrolling ahead… but I just wanted to share them full size!

3 in my A4 moleskine …..wow! working vertically is fun hey?

and one quick one while waiting for the ferry at the cafe

… and then in the last few minutes I attempted to sketch my favourite view of the big sheds with WCP. Really quite different but it was fast and a lot more convenient then getting my paint tin out. It made me think of the direction of my strokes… need to be more mindful of that as I continue using WCPs


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