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January 20, 2011 | Leave your thoughts


Out of character?

A ‘raw’ liz sketch…just the outline. One of the reasons why I don’t feel like I have been sketching lately is that I am aiming for early nights and most of my week night sketches occur post 10.30pm… a thing of the past now!!!!

I have to get out at lunch more… so today….

I only had 30 minutes out of the office. Back to St Thomas Rest Park, Crows Nest, Sydney
I was thinking of adding text at the top and then decided to leave it as it is (including my red guidelines!)

And then tonight I took some time to chill….

A few more of Borromini’s friends that he brought home with him.

If any of my UK friends see this…. I will write SOON (I hope!!!) but this is a sign that I AM thinking of you!!!!!

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