A busy Saturday - preparing palette and a Noodlers Flex pen

June 29, 2011 | 1 Comment

Catching up on what I did on the weekend…


2 weeks out … Time to get the palette ready and time for the Daniel smith paints to dry.
The blank pan is the burnt sienna spot. Got to decide between quin burnt orange or quin sienna in the next few days.
If you haven’t realised, I like to have a brand new kit for a trip… this year I am DETERMINED not to come home with quite so many art supplies…I guess most of you laugh at that resolution…

Crazily busy sewing some cool dresses for Lisbon. Dress no. 2 will not allow for any expansion caused by Portuguese tarts so better wear it on day 1 of the symposium!

My noodlers flex pen visits t2…
As you can see I have the blue one… would have loved a transparent one.

BTW. the ink is running out very quickly…has anyone else found that? Or am I using it too much…or both!

T2 Orange and green

Definitely haven’t got the hang of the flex yet…so this was a little bit of experimentation… looks too outlined for my liking…but it is all part of the experimental process.

The toasty warm oolong was wonderful though!!!

1 Comment

  • A few times the ink seemed to run out really fast and I figured out that I wasn't getting a full fill. It was filling up with a lot of air instead of ink. I haven't worked out how to avoid this completely, but it seems to be worse if I don't keep the nib fully submerged in the ink.

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