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Sketching On Location Workshops in Tasmania

I am very excited to announce two full day workshops in Tasmania in May/June.

Hobart. Saturday 31 May 2014
Based at TMAG - Tasmania Museum and Art Gallery.
10:00am - 4:00pm Cost: $110.00

Launceston. Saturday 07 June 2014
Based at QVMAG - Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery Inveresk
10:00am - 4:00pm Cost: $110.00

Minimum no of participants: 5 Maximum: 15

These workshops will be a follow on from the introductory sketching workshops I am doing for Emmanuel School (details here). I will share my fundamental techniques of sketching on location and we will put them into practice both indoors and outdoors at the major museum in both Hobart and Launceston.

We will be looking at the following:
- Starting your sketch and a few approaches to setup
- Simplifying the scene or object in front of you with lines, shapes or volumes
- Creating strong focus and build a story for your story around this focal point.

Please email me at lizsteel{at}gmail{dot}com  for more details and supply list.

Coming later in the year  .....

How to sketch a teacup
Foundational sketching skills - setup, line, tone, colour, using ink and watercolour… all from the comfort of a tearoom!

Watercolour Techniques for Location Sketching
Basic colour theory, getting to know your colours, understanding wetness, preserving whites, simplifying shapes, simple bold juicy washes - all techniques applied to location sketching and will also incorporate use of ink lines. (some drawing experience recommended)

Sketching Architecture: Elements 
Looking at how to draw and paint various elements, close up, distant and in perspective. Windows, Doors, Roofs, Stairs, Materials/textures etc

Sketching Architecture: Architectural Styles 
Learning the key features of the most common architectural styles (eg. classical, gothic, modern) and how to sketch them. This is not a 'history of architecture course' but more architectural history from a sketchers point of view.

Sketching Architecture: Applied
Applying the ' SkA system'  of the Fundamentals course to a number of different buildings around Sydney. A different building every week - first half of class would be analysis and second half would involve completion of a finished sketch. (some drawing experience recommended)


Previous classes/workshops

February 2014 Exploring the Rocks

During the 5 weeks exploring the Rocks we explored my core concepts for spontaneous location sketching - whether sketching at home or while travelling.
- Learning to see better with your artists brain and how to start your sketch
- Exploring the interaction of line vs colour
- Simplifying a complex scene and creating a strong focus
- Achieving strong tones
- Applying a few compositional strategies

16 November 2013 workshop at Ku Ring Gai Art Society

Capturing the moment - the art of travel sketching: more details here
A summary of the introduction to the workshop I gave at the June monthly meeting here

Sketching Architecture: The Rocks -  November 2013

Sketching Architecture 4 week course - on location sketching in the Rocks area  Sydney. 
Thursday or Friday mornings   06 - 29 Nov. 10.00am - 1.30pm.

and also a one day workshop

Saturday 30 November 9.30am- 4.30pm (covering the same content in the one day!)

Read all about it here


Balmoral Sketching - Fridays  11 Oct - 1 Nov

4 week course – Friday mornings  9.30am- 1.00pm at Balmoral Beach
Friday 11 October  – Friday 1 November 2013
Cost: $150 for 4 weeks. Casual classes available for $50.

Exploring essential techniques for sketching on location at the beautiful Balmoral beach.
Looking at
- the importance of trusting your own responses and being committed to learning to see better
-       -  techniques for line and wash - how to use the lines to describe edges and strategies for applying colour.
-       - experimental approaches to line and wash – using water soluble lines and bold washes of colour
-      -  how to tell a story and create a strong focus
-       - choosing subject matter that inspires you and composing it on the page


Mosman Sketching - Wednesdays 21 Aug -11 Sept

4 week course revisiting the essential techniques that we explore in the Manly course (see below). The intention was to explore the suburb of Mosman but we ended up at Balmoral every week - using the rotunda in the park as our base.

Blog posts about the classes as below

Week 1 - Setup
Week 2- Lines
Week 3 - Value
Week 4 - Colour

Melbourne: Capturing the Moment - The art of Location Sketching

Two day workshop held in Melbourne:  Thursday 19 - Friday 20 September

During this two day workshop, I shared with 22 participants why and how I get such a creative buzz out of sketching on location. The aim was to  inspire them all to begin, or continue, on their very own creative journey – with sketchbook in hand. Based in the wonderful Botanical Art School Melbourne we had two fantastic days inside and out - sketching in whatever conditions the Melbourne weather threw our way!

Check out these blog posts summarizing Day 1 and Day 2

Please send me an email know if you would like to be on mailing list for future workshops in Melbourne

Sketching Architecture Workshop: Melbourne University

Totally fun one day workshop at Melbourne University:  Saturday 14 September

Read all about it here and don't forget to follow my sketching architecture blog as well.
Please send me an email know if you would like to be on mailing list for future Sketching Architecture classes or workshops.


  1. You'll have to bring a group down to Hobart, Liz, so I can join in! Wish I could come. Ruth

    1. hope to come down to Hobart one day soon...ish!

  2. Liz,
    Would you ever consider putting some of your techniques from your classes on your website or on youtube so that all of us in the U.S. get the benefit of your knowledge.

  3. Liz,
    Would you ever consider putting some of your techniques from your classes on your website or on youtube so that all of us in the U.S. get the benefit of your knowledge.

  4. hi Cynthia - yes I am wanting to explore online versions of my workshop! Stay tuned!

  5. Hi suzi told me about your great classes,I'd love to do some in the future,next year
    Have you planned next years classes yet?
    Can I be put on a mailing list please?

    1. thanks Gypsygirl - would love you to join us. Have sent you an email!


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