August 14, 2019 |

Liz Steel sketching on gondola Venice

I’m an obsessive sketcher who sketches anywhere and anytime!

I publish regular articles to my blog at including materials reviews, free instructional content and lots of ideas to stay motivated to keep sketching!

I also have my own online school – SketchingNow – with lots of courses to help you sketch your life with more confidence!


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Live Version of Watercolour starting Wed 8 June 2022

Work through the lessons with a group of sketchers from around the world

and join in 7 weekly bonus livestreams!

Watercolour course

In this course you will create vibrant and lively watercolour sketches by learning how to control your water, create watercolour magic and know when to layer or work wet-in-wet.

Free Intro Lessons on paints, brushes and sketchbooks


Which SketchingNow courses should I do?


Sketching tools

Detailed information on my everyday sketching kit, fountain pens, ink, brushes, paint and much more.


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