A Giveaway!!!

July 30, 2014 | 265 Comments

I  am very happy to announce a giveaway…. An original teacup watercolour sketch! “My Pink Melbourne Cup” – Ink and watercolour on 300gm2 watercolour paper 30 x 26cmThis cup  I bought for a workshop prop last year when I was in Melbourne… so I call it my Melbourne Cup!

Right now I feel like celebrating and giving something away as a big thank you to all my readers. Having you along for the 6 years has been amazing… without your support, comments and return visits I doubt whether I would be doing what I am at the moment.

I can’t express in words how excited I am to be putting together my own online class.  I am developing a format that suits the way I like to teach and the way I like to sketch and share (just like my blog). More details will be announced first to subscribers of my newsletter… very soon.

I know that every ‘hit’ on this blog is a real person who is interested enough to read my ramblings …and I wish in some way that I could meet you all. I know that is impossible but I am hoping that via my monthly newsletter I can engage with you in a more personal way than the public interface of my blog. I am also hoping down the track to offer you ‘ little extras’ as well – so please join my mailing list here –or on the signup form at the end of the email (for those that tried earlier I hope it works now!)

It is only recently that I have started doing more work outside of my sketchbook – sketching for other people rather than just for myself. There are only a handful of people that own a ‘Liz Steel original’. I have plans to change that – and giving one away is a good way to start!  

To enter the draw all you have to do is leave a comment on this post – make sure your name is included in the comment so I know who you are! Posts with no identification at all cannot be included in the draw.
The winner will be announced on Tuesday 19 August at 9am (Sydney Australia time)

(Only one comment per person please!)

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