A Giveaway!!!

July 30, 2014 | 265 Comments

I  am very happy to announce a giveaway…. An original teacup watercolour sketch!
“My Pink Melbourne Cup” – Ink and watercolour on 300gm2 watercolour paper 30 x 26cmThis cup  I bought for a workshop prop last year when I was in Melbourne… so I call it my Melbourne Cup!

Right now I feel like celebrating and giving something away as a big thank you to all my readers. Having you along for the 6 years has been amazing… without your support, comments and return visits I doubt whether I would be doing what I am at the moment.

I can’t express in words how excited I am to be putting together my own online class.  I am developing a format that suits the way I like to teach and the way I like to sketch and share (just like my blog). More details will be announced first to subscribers of my newsletter… very soon.

I know that every ‘hit’ on this blog is a real person who is interested enough to read my ramblings …and I wish in some way that I could meet you all. I know that is impossible but I am hoping that via my monthly newsletter I can engage with you in a more personal way than the public interface of my blog. I am also hoping down the track to offer you ‘ little extras’ as well – so please join my mailing list here –or on the signup form at the end of the email (for those that tried earlier I hope it works now!)

It is only recently that I have started doing more work outside of my sketchbook – sketching for other people rather than just for myself. There are only a handful of people that own a ‘Liz Steel original’. I have plans to change that – and giving one away is a good way to start!  

To enter the draw all you have to do is leave a comment on this post – make sure your name is included in the comment so I know who you are! Posts with no identification at all cannot be included in the draw.
The winner will be announced on Tuesday 19 August at 9am (Sydney Australia time)

(Only one comment per person please!)

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  • Rita Stalder says:

    Good morning Liz,
    What a pleasure to start my day reading your comments and looking at your sketches. Thanks. If ever you come to this side of the world, you are my guest.
    I don't remember having won any thing in my life, it would be a real plaisure to get your lovely sketch. 🙂

  • Maria Luisa Naval says:

    Waooo,……! I love your cozy , cute ,pretty …tea cups. So really a want to have an original tea paint cup from Liz Steel. I am excited waiting for your on-line class.

  • Leeanne Horne says:

    Looking forward to your online class Liz. So happy for you… and us.

  • Britta Stechert says:

    A loud "love your tea cup – drawings!" shout out from Germany, Liz! You wrote about building up an own online class? YES! I will be the first to subscribe! 😉 Can´t wait… – Greetings and bigbig sunshinehugs!

  • Tammy Miller says:

    Love your teacup sketches! They've inspired me to sketch my own favorites 🙂

  • Sue Pownall says:

    What a great giveaway… it's a lovely sketch!

  • Debo Boddiford says:

    Beautiful teacup!

  • Bronny Wood says:

    Liz I love your 'My Pink Melbourne Cup'. Love how you can get it so delicate. Thanks for a fantastic opportunity to own a Liz Steel original for free! I am like you and struggle to part with art I create LOL. Goodluck to all 🙂

  • Oh I'm first to comment! Pink and green my favourite colours. Love the painting.

  • What a delight and treat of a Liz Teacup! (I have read [from Cape Town, South Africa 🙂 ] your blog since it was 'hosted' by Borromini Bear! Love it all!
    Thx, Jane

  • Jodi Wiley says:

    Well, how could I not go into the draw for this!? Absolutely beautiful. Your blog is a wonderful inspiration to sketchers everywhere x

  • Hi Liz, this is a beautiful idea. I already posted but it did not appear so I am trying again. I love reading your blog and your Facebook stuff, and have learned a lot. I am keen to explore your knowledge of pigments and how they interact with each other. Even learning a method for testing them myself would be so lovely. I hope your online course will offer something like this too. I am looking forward to hearing about it and being a participant if I am able to be so.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, it's time to leave my first comment … Your blog, your sketches and your teaching are such a great inspiration. Thank you very much! Greetings from Switzerland, Monica

  • Mel says:

    I would love to have the tea cup hanging on my wall. Have learned so much from your blog and your sketches. Looking forward to the announcements about classes!

  • janififi says:

    So sorry for double comment. .. I'm a novice at commenting. That's why this is the first time I've commented. . Afraid of just such booboos.

  • How nice to see so many comments! What a great way to kick off you broadening your horizons! Wanted to let you know that I tried twice to subscribe but nothing happened when I hit the submit button…

  • Who wouldn't want a Liz Steel watercolour of a tea cup?!!
    So I (like everyone else) have to enter 🙂
    I was first drawn to your wonderful travel journal pages highlighting your visit to Harlech (in Wales) where I lived for many years – It was therefore a thrill to meet you in person on Cockatoo Island earlier this year 🙂

  • hfm says:

    Great idea, Liz, that we all have to thank. Like to see your drawings since you come to the Portuguese Symposium. Thanks for that.

  • Kamaraka says:

    It is more than four years that Im a follower of you so "thousands" of teacups seen :-).
    Im architect as you and I enjoy your drawings since you drew here renaisance and barroque buildings of Italy so long time ago. Hope to meet you anytime somewhere in the world o at a world urban sketcher meeting.
    Sorry for my poor english and keep on as always!!
    Greetings and at last I have sent you a message thougt many times I have been eager to send it.

  • Eltatodiego says:

    I'm a big fan of your Instagram's account. =) great paintings

  • Little item can InSpiRe!
    Love it.

  • Zoya says:

    Beautiful sketch. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your online class.

  • Simies says:

    Beautiful painting! Thank you for the chance to win it! I follow you on instagram and love your work! Simona from Czech rep.

  • dottyscotty says:

    I've only discovered the world of sketching last year. Thank you Liz for giving me the confidence to be wonky and to get excited about paint and paper and teacups!

  • Lin says:

    So excited about taking a week with you at SBS!!!

  • Peter Helton says:

    I love the light in this. A beautiful sketch, tea lady.

  • emily says:

    I continue to enjoy your posts & artwork. What a great combination of subjects — architecture to teacups! Thank you for continuing diligently — & now expanding. I look forward to your upcoming lesson in Sketchbook Skool & now your own online class, too!

  • Great idea! Thank you for all your tips, ideas and inspiration.

  • I love your work, would be fab to own an original Liz Steel!

  • mary says:

    I just love your watercolor sketches specially the teacups! I just added teacups to my list of stuff to collect and sketch.

  • Teresa says:

    As I already follow your blog, I'm always looking at your beautiful watercolours ! I wish I could have that one !!!!

  • Elisa says:

    My first comment didn't appear… anyway thanks Liz for this giveaway! Enjoyed your blog with all the colorful sketches and review of materials. 🙂

  • Always enjoyed looking at your sketches of very simple daily life things. It has allowed me to look at these basic things in a new way! Thanks Liz! Will definately tell you if I head to Australia

  • Janet Ghio says:

    I would love to have one of your beautiful teacup sketches! I tried to sign up for the newsletter, but nothing happened when I clicked on "subscribe' at the bottom of the page.

  • dulcy says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your precious teacup paintings. I'm a new sketcher and appreciate your helpful posts about supplies, and all the inspiration I soak up every time you post!

  • Marsha says:

    Loving this tea cup, and anxious to learn from you at Sketchbook Skool! Thanks for the opportunity to win a Liz Steel original! (First attempt did not publish. Hope this doesn't duplicate!)

  • Hi Liz,
    Looking forward to your newsletters and am very excited about your online class. In my first semester of Sketchbook Skool. Will see you in semester 2. I just did my first sketch of a tea cup at a family gathering on Sunday past. I was inspired by your work. Thank you for sharing your process and art!

  • Deb Dugan says:

    Hi Liz! Love your work and am VERY excited about the upcoming Sketchbook Skool class.

    Best wishes,

    Deb D.

  • Yay a giveaway! Thanks Liz.

  • Marisa says:

    This is lovely! Good luck everyone. Your teacups always remind me of my Mom's collection (used to be Gram's).

  • Margarita says:

    Hello, Liz, this is very excitante:las possibilities of being the lucky one are all and none simultaneously. To have one of your adorable cups of tea is a dream. Many graces for sharing your art all this time.

    Big embrace from Spain

  • Lorraine says:

    I adore your teacup drawings and can't wait for your online class!

  • Lynn says:

    I love your tea cups watercolors and wish I could win this one!!!

  • robinita says:

    Such a pleasure seeing your work on Flickr and Facebook. Glad for your success. Keep cranking out the eye candy! Love it!

  • alexb says:

    Wow, what an honor it would be to win a lovely sketch of yours.

  • Julie Bloch says:

    Thanks for the chance to win

  • Thank you so much for taking us along on your drawing adventures!!

  • Fabiana says:

    Oh, this is wonderful! The subscription of the newsletter on this post is the same of the subscription in the right column of the blog? I'd love to have an art by you! <3

  • Vanessa says:

    I'm looking forward to your newsletter. As a customer (and as a maker!) I love reading newsletters where I feel like I'm really getting to know the sender. <3

  • Patricia says:

    This is very exciting! You do such beautiful sketches.
    I love to sketch and am a big tea drinker as well, but I collect teapots 🙂 Ive been following you for a while now and when I saw that you were teaching in sketchbook skool I just had to sign up. So looking forward to taking your klass!

  • Caroline says:

    You'll laugh but you know what I really love about this sketch? That deep purple shadow. What's the mix? Beautiful granulation.

    You know, I meant to comment on your Port Macquarie post. I'll soon drive down to an old family vacation spot on the shore and feel exactly the same way about the car trip — even though I'm half a world away and in the precise opposite season. It really got to me.

  • JOAN says:

    Oh yippee! I'd love to win that tea cup sketch. Greetings from Las Vegas, NV USA

  • Sorry if this pops up twice, blogger is not cooperating. Anyway, always a fan, as you know! Love, Issy x

  • Robert Dodd says:

    And the winner of the MC is…………!! Sorry, I'm just horsing around Liz. Keep up the good work LBS and I'm also waiting for your SBS Klass.

  • mo says:

    i've been such a fan of you and BB and your blog and your sketches for so long that i feel like we actually know each other, lol. the teacup sketch is a beauty, as always … it would be lovely to have a Liz Steel original, yeay.

    by the by, i tried to subscribe to your newsletter but when i click on the "subscribe" button, nothing happens. thought i should let you know 😉

  • Lady Aga says:

    Beautiful cup and I can't wait both for your workshop and for your class at the SBS:)

  • Carol Beckx says:

    Oh this is so exciting! I'm already signed up for the newsletter. Love this teacup sketch and can't wait for your klass!

  • I love the freshness of the colours and the contrasted lights and shadows! Lovely !

  • Phil w cawthan says:

    Do you sketch your tea cups with your little pinkie in or out?

  • Anonymous says:

    come and share a cup of tea. Your watercolour made me smile.

  • Thank you for your generous offer! Your dedication and enthusiasm for sketching is a great help to me, a total newbie.

  • Tephyr says:

    Love this and would love to have it. Can't wait for class to start in Sketchbook Skool! 🙂

  • ac says:

    Your blog is a a daily inspiration… thanks you for your wonderful art… wish you lived in the USA…

  • Susan Moore says:

    How wonderful! And I'm super-excited about your up and coming online class as well! Plus I get to learn from you in Sketchbook Skool soon! Yay!

  • Stacey Vadaj says:

    love the teacups…all of them. looking forward to your class in skool. thanks for the both of the opportunities.

  • Liz Steel says:

    posting on behalf of someone that is having trouble leaving a message (let me know if anyone else is in this situation)
    Want that teacup!!! From Connie Sims Prince

  • Jeanne says:

    Your generosity touches my heart. This beautiful tea cup painting would look perfect hanging on the wall in my kitchen. Thank you for all you do.
    Jeanne Roche

  • Marilyn Thomas says:

    Am a very happy camper just following your blog. If I were to win the tea cup painting that would be the icing on the cake!

  • mickie dann says:

    My first blog disappeared! Been a long time reader and admirer of your website. Always inspirational. Thank you for spending so much time in sharing your sketches and insights. For those of us so far away and unable to attend your classes in Australia it is great news that you will be starting your online sessions soon. So glad you are obviously experiencing great success with your freelance life. It is well-deserved as you have encouraged so many of us with your generous spirit. Would love to own a teacup original-but wouldn't we all! Mickie D Norwich UK

  • Mermaid33 says:

    Always love your sketches and enthusiasm Liz !

  • Tony Mazzola says:

    Hey Liz,
    I couldn't think of a better way at to end this month than to receive a Liz Steel original. You have inspired me in many ways, and its because of persistent artists like you that I keep doing what I do. Thanks for always being just a click away my friend.
    Tony Mazzola.

  • Anonymous says:

    A nice cuppa! Just gorgeous! Diane Bond

  • Ali says:

    ahhh lost my first comment. I really enjoy reading your blog and I've learnt a lot from it! I use your new posts as a reminder to myself to do a quick sketch every day!

  • MiataGrrl says:

    Thank you for this opportunity!

    – Tina Koyama

  • Tsa says:

    Uhhh I would love to win the teacup! Love your work and I'm very interested in your online classes!!!

  • mamancass4 says:

    Hi Liz, I would love to win this painting. I am ready for your sketchbook skool klass. On my recent trip home to the US I asked my Aunt if she had any old flowery teacups. She gave me one from the 1800's to sketch for klass. I love your blog.

  • Rosário says:

    Thank you for your invitation to tea!

  • That's a lovely cup! You'll love Parati – it's a beautiful place with all the portuguese colonial buildings to sketch. You have had a taste of what you'll find in Lisbon.

  • Amber Milburn says:

    I would love to have a "Liz Steel" original.

  • Oh how I would absolutely love an original teacup from you! I have admired your work for so long and I can't wait till your class comes up in Sketchbook Skool … this would be a treasure for me!

  • Cathyp331 says:

    Yes I would love to have a Liz Steel tea cup watercolor!

  • Well, why not try my luck and eventually pick up in my mail box a sketch from Liz Steel… sounds like a good idea.

  • Oh what a lovely painting! Would love to have it here in my home 🙂

  • HI Liz, Happy to meet you through Sketchbook Skool. Your tea cup paintings are amazing and delightful. I would be overjoyed to win the painting. Thank you for the chance to win…and yes, I've subscribed to your newsletter so I can keep up with your sketching and painting. Cheers-Darlene

  • SusanA says:

    Oh, the pink teacup! My favorite! What a wonderful giveaway! I can't wait for your online class!

    I have a question, if we want to receive news about the class, do we need to sign up a second time? I already subscribe to this blog by email; do I need to sign up separately for class news? What about for the monthly newsletter?

    Thanks, Liz! Looking forward to seeing you in SBS class in another week!


  • sandra de says:

    I would love to have a chance to take home one of your gorgeous teacup w/c's.

  • I'm rarely a winner in things like this, but if I don't enter I definitely won't win… I'd love a Liz Steel tea cup… and a Liz Steel online class. My name is Elaine Magliacane

  • Nancy Goldberg says:

    Beautiful teacup…love your never ending paintings of teacups ..:)

  • Peggy says:

    Always a pleasure, Liz!, Peggy Gloth

  • Nancy K. says:

    HI, I wrote a nice long message and it got lost in blogland. Anyway, I love your work in particular the tea cups. I discovered you through Sketchbook Skool and am really looking forward to your lesson and any classes you do on your own online.

  • mostyn says:

    Mine got lost too. Chris Mostyn here and this is wonderful

  • Susan M says:

    Would LOVE to own a "Liz Steel" original!! Especially a teacup!!

  • Jo Reimer says:

    I'm looking forward to your klass as well as perhaps joining you for an online class. I've already learned a lot about drawing from you over the years. Thank you.

  • I've already subscribed but delighted to find you through Sketchbook Skool. I live not far from the "other" Sydney… the one in British Columbia, just a short ferry ride from my home in rural Washington, USA. Sending you joy and happiness!

  • Carmel says:

    I am looking forward to hearing about your online class. I so love your blog and sketches. Sydney is my home town. I now live in Oregon in the USA. I want to come home to sketch. Reading your blog is an inspiration. I am in Sketchbook Skool…only one more week and you will be teaching.

  • CC says:

    Wow! You'd give up one of your treasured paintings??? I would love to have a Liz's famous teacup in my home! I'm CC Peyton & I love your work!

  • Vicki E. says:

    Though I am enrolled in Sketchbook Skool presently, I would LOVE to take an online class from you as well! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity too!

  • jacqueline says:

    Beautiful and inspiring work Liz, thank you……..

  • Louise Moore says:

    Thanks for this chance to own a Liz Steel original and I look forward to hearing more about the online classes.

  • Sue says:

    I don't see my comment, so I sending another. I'd just love to have that tea cup sketch. I faved it yesterday without noticing the giveaway! My name is Sue Weber.

  • Unknown says:

    I would love to win the teacup! Love your and I'm very interested in your online classes!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I love your teacup paintings, and I am motivated to sketch a collection of my grandmother's cups.Can't wait to hear about your online classes. Cindy R. California US

  • Bev says:

    Hi Liz love your teacups ,I'm an old Sydney girl so love seeing your trips through my old home town ,Oh wow so many comments …well I love getting your emails with my morning tea ,and have loved the book reviews

  • Lionel King says:

    Count me in too, Liz – although I'm sure almost everyone else is more deserving. Thanks for all your energy and inspiration! 🙂

  • Ruth Kinnear says:

    come and share a cup of tea. Your watercolour made me smile.
    ruth kinnear

  • Maggie Bissmire says:

    So pleased to find your blog last year – can't wait for SBS Klass 6 to find out how to sketch architecture like that! (Oh, and I love the tea-cups too!) Diolch yn fawr!

  • Andrea Barskiy says:

    Oh, how nice it would be to win one of your work. They are so rare. Well, you didn't mention if this giveaway was for "worldwide audience", so, I'm taking a chance that, if I win, you'll ship to Mexico! 🙂 This is so exciting! Thank you Liz for the opportunity!

  • LizzieBo says:

    Oh my goodness. So many people interested in a tea cup – but how could they not be?! And I am too! So lovely. I am recent to your blog, but have loved the introduction and, clearly, as far as we're concerned keep up with the tea cups. We can not get enough!

  • Katie says:

    Odds should be the same as the lottery once the drawing occurs! A fun adventure. Thank you for all the inspiration you share, Liz!

  • Celia Blanco says:

    I love this teacup , I LOVE your work!

  • Trish says:

    It would be delightful to own one of your sketches. I love tea, teacups and sketching and your blog is a wonderful inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing.

  • Anonymous says:

    i reentered this comment unsure how to delete ruth k

  • Thanks so much for the opportunity to win your teacup sketch. I must admit, it was your teacup sketches that drew me to your blog initially, but it's the depth and breadth of your talent beyond your latest cuppa that keeps me coming back.

  • Diana says:

    Hi Liz- A teacup sketch from you would be just so perfect! I drink tons of tea each day and am always so happy when you include a drawing of one of your cups that day too. Following your suggestion to try using my Lamy upside down, that did the trick for me to get the finer detail I wanted! Thank you! That is like having two pens in one and I would never have thought of it on my own since I'm such a rule follower! Best of luck to you with all your endeavors and new online classes. Would love to take one at some point! Diana Ryman – Ohio, USA

  • kay&quilting says:

    Hi Liz. I just love your blog and am always pleased when there is an update email in my inbox. Online classes? How fantastic! I haven't been able to get to one of your face to face classes yet. And your teacups are just divine. I too am addicted to tea and love nothing more than a beautiful cup and saucer. Yours are always stunning. Kay

  • Anonymous says:

    Fantastic work, keep it up, very inspirational
    I couldn't figure out how to change or delete my post, love your work, above comment the same.


  • larry says:

    Would love to own a Steel original 🙂 Your cup sketches have gotten me to use British tea cups for my tea.

    Cheers — Larry

  • Ann S says:

    Love the idea of your "Sketching Now" class. Looking forward to it!

  • I'm thrilled about the online classes! Barbara Weeks

  • Carol C says:

    That cup would look great on my walls! And I'm thrilled to be able to take an online class with you!

  • norma says:

    I'm just learning how to draw/sketch and am excited to have found your blog and newsletter. I'll definitely be signing up for your online class. Love, love, love your work.

  • Anonymous says:

    You have been a major influence in getting me started in my sketchbook and watercolour journey this past year. Looking forward to your sketchbook skool class next week! Hope you consider coming to Perth to teach a workshop. Leslie

  • jacqueline says:

    I love your style Liz, thinkin about your on line workshop………… Hmm tempting!

  • Hannah Six says:

    Hi Liz! Thank you for this lovely giveaway. Enjoy your work so much!

  • I would love to add one of your sketches to my collection of small food themed paintings hanging in my kitchen! I'm in Sketchbook Skool and can't wait for your class to start! I want to draw buildings and tea cups!! 🙂 (I posted this comment once, but it never showed up – please delete if it's a duplicate.) Thanks!

  • Love, love your work, Liz from Fort Worth, Texas. I am in session 2 of SBS with great anticipation of your class which starts this week. I can't wait!

  • Carol says:

    Liz, congrats on the Newsletter. All that is needed to go with the teacup is a cupcake


    can I have one sip ?? Love it !

  • Mierseawen Jantz says:

    I Love all your Tea Cup paintings, I collect Tea Cups and then use them for my Lovely Maidens group of young little girls. I look forward to your classes!!! Thank you,
    Wendy Jantz or Mierseawen Jantz

  • Liz, I'm so looking forward to Sketchbook Skool and to your new online classes. Owning one of your teacup paintings would be the icing on my teacake.

  • Love the colors in this teacup. Beautiful.

  • Long time reader, first time commenter! You're one of the reasons I signed up for the second semester of Sketchbook Skool!

  • Dana says:

    You're an inspiration Liz and I can't wait to "meet" you in Sketchbook Skool on Friday! Thanks for your generous giveaway!

  • Peggy Haug says:

    Hmmm- a challenge to find wHERE to post a comment! Didn't realize it was UNDER ALL those other comments!!

    On your new blog: Suggestions: Less writing, more little sketches, demos, pics. Many of us subscribe to a LOT of blogs and the ones that are wordy tend to get skimmed. I'm sure you view Kjoosie Koene and her "Draw-Tip Tuesday?"' That works because it's often very practical, and SHORT!

    Hate to say this…but after awhile, all those teacups begin to resemble each other….Variety is the spice of life, they say.

    Good luck with your new blog.

  • Kate says:

    It's lovely, Liz! And exciting news about your new online class. I've been waiting for this for a long time and look forward to more details.

  • FloridaBird says:

    I'm so excited about your new online classes! Just signed up for your newsletter and am eagerly awaiting your Sketchbook Skool class. Congrats!
    Odette Bragg

  • Looking forward to your classes on Sketchbook Skool and your own online courses to come! All the best!

  • What a wonderful giveaway! The teacup sketch is gorgeous and I can't wait to get your newsletter! Thank you!

  • Angela Vular says:

    Hi Liz,
    Can't wait to take your class in sketchbook skoll tomorrow. Your on line class sounds like my cup of tea! Love your work and the tea cup painting is so lovely. Thanks for offering this giveaway. See you in class.
    Angela Vular

  • Lisa Ridolfi says:

    Hi Liz,
    You Sketchbook Skool class is wonderful. So glad I signed up!

  • Oh! Bama says:

    Liz, I have only this morning discovered you viva SketchSkool! Loved your presentation and raced to your blog to get to know you better.

  • Karen says:

    Just finished watching your sketchbook tours on Sketchbook Skool, and came right over here to get your blog on my reader! So looking forward to this week. I'm a total newbie to drawing and keeping a sketchbook, but am loving my time in Sketchbook Skool, and am inspired to keep at it until I can produce some work I'm happy with.

  • Betty Ann says:

    I just found you on IG and followed. Your style has greatly influenced me.
    Betty Ann
    [email protected]

  • Pat Lawson says:

    You are such an inspiration in Sketchbook Skool! I hope we can meet in person one day for tea!

  • Irena says:

    Love reading your blog and seeing all your sketching ideas. Took your class on Sketchbook Skool and I thought you did a fabulous job of breaking down sketching.

  • leah says:

    Hi Liz. I'm in your SBS klass. Love your work and your klass is super. I would be thrilled to win a piece of your art.

  • Sarah F says:

    Hi Liz, Loved your SBS class this week! The main tip I took from your class was doing those thumbnail studies before diving straight in to doing the main picture. This is really going to help me so much by breaking down and processing what I'm seeing! Thank you and love your obsession with tea – you are not the only one! I have a vast collection of different kinds of tea and drinking them rather than painting them.

  • Liz Steel says:

    Posting this on behalf of Bobbie Bruno

  • Robin Delahanty says:

    It would be an honor to own an original Liz Steel! I am a newbie to the sketching world through Sketchbook Skool where I was introduced to you and these beautiful tea cups. A whole new world has been opened up to me! Thank you Liz.

  • love your work! your tea cups are beautiful and full of life. thanks for sharing so much with us!

  • larry says:

    I'd love to have one of your teacup sketches, Liz, as the centerpiece of my growing collection of teacups – a collection started because of your wonderful sketches 🙂

    Cheers — Larry

  • Flory N-C says:

    Hi Liz, thank you for teaching us about drawing buildings (and teacups) in SBS. I love beautiful buildings and didn't know how to approach drawing them. I hope to draw the SOH some day! Flory

  • Loved getting back into appreciating tea and teacups! Thank you for your Klass this week. I am learning so much and I would really like owning a picture you made!

  • Flory N-C says:

    Hi Liz, thank you for teaching us about drawing buildings (and teacups) in SBS. I love beautiful buildings and didn't know how to approach drawing them. I hope to draw the SOH some day! Cheers, Flory

  • Hi Liz, I've so enjoyed meeting you in Sketchbook Skool and learning about your passion for sketching. Thank you! This is a stunning little watercolor you are gifting. Any chance you can hand deliver it to Seattle and teach a workshop while you are here? 😉

  • Wow, … was I lucky to spot this competition … discovered Urban Sketchers and Liz Steel's Blog only recently … does life get any better … 🙂

  • Cathy Amos says:

    I love all your sketches and notes! Thank you so much!

  • Annette says:

    Beautiful, Liz! I would cherish this print if I am fortunate to win the giveaway.

  • I love your week at sketchbookskool! So I spend the entire day yesterday sketching my mums teacups, but it's no easy subject! Thank you so much!

  • I love your blog and loving your week at Sketchbook Skool. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing!

  • cmchin says:

    Love your teacups, soooo British!

  • Dorothy says:

    Your work is incredible and so inspiring to me. I'm in SBS in your klass and am having a wonderful time learning so much!!!!! Would love a chance to win your teacup sketch!!! Thanks Liz!!!

  • Dali Lobo says:

    Love your teacups. Really enjoying your videos on SBS.
    Want to learn more about the online class. Sounds like a great idea!

  • Liezl says:

    Liz it has been a wonderful adventure following your drawings from last year when I first saw your sketches on the internet from USK Barcelona. Lovely to be in your class at SBS! I have learned so much! Liezl

  • Serena Lewis says:

    I absolutely would love to win your tea cup original, Liz! What a treasure it would be!

    Serena Lewis
    [email protected]

  • This is a wonderful way to be able to share a cup of tea with you everyday. Thank you for all the great reference material in Sketchbook Skool and giving so much to us.

  • Lois0607 says:

    Love your teacups. I have been practicing my own too

  • cloudwoman says:

    Hi Liz! You bet I'd love to have your teacup, but mainly I want to use this opportunity to say your work is so inspiring to me. I envy your loose, expressive style and how prolific you are! And of course your judicious use of color. I'm one of these watercolor chickens who is afraid to come out of the coop and actually paint most of the time, but you keep me thinking how lovely it might be if I would. And I will! Still working up my nerve. Meanwhile, I live vicariously through your wonderful renderings. 🙂

    Beth Pickett

  • Tina Johnson says:

    I'm going to be drawing and painting a lot of teacups because of you! I love your painting and teaching styles! Thanks!

  • I'ld be delighted to be able to look at it every day for inspiration !!! Catherine M

  • So in love with your teacups and buildings! Thanks for the Sketchbook Skool lessons!
    Allison Tyler

  • Hi Liz, Thanks for your generous giveaway. Of course all of us would like to be the winner. But I also feel like a winner to have found your blog and all it's interesting content. Greetings from Kerstin Engström in Sweden

  • Suzanne says:

    If I "win" the teacup sketch, then I am just extra darn lucky, because I have already won by meeting you at SBS and I signed up for your news…keep drawing AND painting! Thanks for this chance to "win" some more!

  • QueenvArtz says:

    LIz ~ You are so generous to give away one of your paintings. You have already given us so much more ~ the inspiration to live our lives in quiet observation, to take a sip and express the honesty and truth of that particular moment. What a beautiful life ~ seeing and revealing. Thank you so much!

  • Marcia says:

    How fabulous!! Hope I win this beautiful artwork.

  • Anonymous says:

    Must be 1000 comments already here! So I'll see if I can figure this out! Things like this always confuse me. Been following you since 2009 when someone on Flickr told me about the Tea cup lady! Then I discovered that you always wrote a bit of scripture on you page and I got more excited! For sure, my kind of lady! I'd be delighted to win, but like 1000 others I am already a winner just by being in your class…Dee Ludwig Anonymous

  • Arlene Paris says:

    Okay, I still don't see it so I will try again for the third time.
    This is beautiful Liz. I would love to have this to remind myself of all you have taught me through the SBS klass and to remind myself that there is someone else who loves sketching teacups as much as I do. Your work is amazing. Thank you Liz, I learned a lot.
    Arlene Padden-Paris

  • Like all your tea cups and saucers. Brings back old memories. Thanks for your lessons in SBS, Seeing..
    Patricia Coors ( The Netherlands)

  • Anonymous says:

    I am a student of SBS. I really love your Klass. You have really stirred up inspiration in me! Thank you! You are a great teacher too. I also LOVE tea! Gerry [email protected]

  • Anonymous says:

    I am absolutely thrilled to learn you are going to have an online class – I will definitely join! And I am so happy to have you in the Sketchbook Skool – I joined it when I learned from your Instagram that you are one of the teachers. Needless to say, I would LOVE to have an original drawing by you!!!!!!!!!!!! It would travel with me, from Uzbekistan to UAE all the times – countries, in which my family lives these days.
    Victoria Evangelina

  • Susan says:

    Gorgeous teacup! I'm thoroughly enjoying Sketchbook Skool and your klass and excited to hear about an upcoming class of your own!

    Susan Sandeno

  • deerhollow says:

    It has been such a treat to learn from your demonstrations. I am now very inspired to get out and start filling up sketch books! Your enthusiasm is certainly contagious! Having a little piece of your work would be a treasure!
    Take Care,
    Leisa Firth Logan, Utah USA

  • Dear Liz, it has been a great week with you on SBS, and now that I have discovered your blog and newsletter, I am looking forward to much more. Your teaching style perfectly marches how I like tomstudy and learn, so that was a lucky match.

    I would just Love to win your "Pink Melbourne Cup" in this giveaway, but I see that the likelihood is very slim, given the number of posts, so I will just have to enjoy it hear 😀
    Jess Blackmore
    St. Mary's, Ontario, Canada

  • Shirley Hedman says:

    How can I not try to get one of your teacups? I liked your class very much and I found that making the diagram of a building did help me to at least start a more proportional sketch of a local, very complex building — I'll keep at it!

  • I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you a bit in SBS! I too am adicted to this wonderful form of making art and journaling a life. Thanks for the inspiration. Franki Kohler, http://www.FrankiKohler.com

  • Lynn Pauly says:

    Liz, So intrigued and inspired by your approaches in SBS. Just today a friend showed me her large collection of English teacups and lent me two of them. Can't wait to sketch and watercolor them! Thanks

  • Claire M says:

    Greetings from California! I've followed your blog and swooned over your images for several images. Now I'm enjoying your Sketchbook Skool class! I confess i'm behind on the assignments, but I'm soaking in what I can and can't wait to get started on the assignments. Thanks for sharing your passion and joy of sketching with all of us!

  • Shasid says:

    You have inspired me beyond belief! Since finding you in Sketchbook Skool, I have been drawing on a daily basis. You have given me great hope and the idea that I can be proud of my work. Thank you.

  • Merry says:

    I love your work, Liz. You've inspired me to get out and work in public and it's been so much fun. Am now trying to teach myself watercolor.

  • Liz Steel says:

    posting on behalf of Tracey Fletcher King

  • Lois Stevens says:

    Tea never looked so beautiful. You are an inspiration, Liz. thank-you for sharing your knowledge.

  • Frankie says:

    My first comment on your blog (I think;)…love all your sketches, especially your tea cup and bakery visits…and wishing I could find your dress patterns, so sweet. Looking forward to your online class news!! Blessings from North Idaho, USA.

  • Dawn Davidson says:

    Liz you are such an inspiration as an artist and a woman of faith – I thoroughly enjoy visiting your blog! Thank you.

  • As one of your enthusiastic students on Sketchbook Skool, I'd love one of your teacups! 😀 – Hazel Aspera

  • Anonymous says:

    Theres anise understated elegance to this…I feel almost feel the paper. Lovely James Mee

  • Your illustrations are charming and inspiring!

  • I love your cups! Nancy Standlee

  • Anna-Sara Ekenberg says:

    Im Really amazed. I've improved a lot of the Way you work in My Own stuff. Its Really inspiring and developing. Ofcourse it would it be Really Nice to have a pic from yours as a reminder of creativity on the Wall. Anyway you Inspire! ???? /Anna-Sara Ekenberg

  • Liz Steel says:

    Posting on behlaf of Judy DeGiorgio
    I just wanted to tell you how much I loved your teacup. It reminds me of some of the teacups I have in my collection & I loved your title – very appropriate 🙂
    Thanks for sharing

  • Kathleen says:

    Wow! you sure have a had a huge response Liz! I saw your post on Facebook and came right on over here! I would love to win, of course!! :))
    -Kathleen York

  • Francine says:

    I love your work so much! Loved your classes
    Francine Hebert

  • Liz, Thanks for your great class in SBS! I love your work! Your process is amazing and the drawings so beautiful! I hope see you in Rio and Paraty! Best, Nathalia Sá Cavalcante

  • doloresdew says:

    Thank you for the chance to win your great art! Dolores Dewbury from SBS.

  • kfdesigns says:

    Dear Liz, There is something so special, heart connecting, about sharing tea with a friend. You are very generous in sharing your drawings and working style. I've learned so much in this last week. And with all the beautiful tea cups, feel almost like we all have had tea together.

  • Dian H. says:

    What a beautiful watercolor painting. anyone should be proud to own it.

  • Michelle says:

    Michelle young. I'm looking forward to your online class.

  • Anonymous says:

    Loved your course on SBS Liz and learned such a lot. I am enjoying your website. Would love to win. Thanks for all the generous info and fun. Marie Stevenson.

  • I am posting from Idaho in the US. I was in SBS beginnings so I haven't had your course yet. Looking forward to it next semester. Would love to win this. Your teacup drawing are beautiful.

  • pam says:

    You are clearly a Master of the Teacup Sketch, Liz….and you make an everyday item an artistic masterpiece..I am in awe of your sketching skills..
    pam cunningham

  • Diane Klock says:

    When I found your blog a long while back I was drawn to your teacups, love them ! Your teaching on Sketchbook Skool was my favorite segment . Thanks for sharing and for your inspiration. Best, Diane

  • Nancy Vogt says:

    Liz, I've only just met you through Sketchbook Skool, but am so inspired by your combination of loose, lovely sketches of teacups and the architectural details in your buildings. Thank you for your generosity and your encouragement. Nancy Vogt, Olmsted Falls, Ohio

  • Jane Frazier says:

    Loved your SBS klaus. Love tour teaching style. Love the cup! Need more

  • lakelly says:

    Liz, I had so much fun with the teacup assignment in Sketchbook Skool! Love your original! Linda Kelly

  • Diane D says:

    Beautiful teacup! I have thoroughly enjoyed your lessons on Sketchbook Skool and followed your blogs for the past few years. Such an inspiration!! from Diane Duford

  • KrAlena says:

    Great paintings! Thank you!

  • Anonymous says:

    What a beautiful print…finger crossed here. Am looking forward as well to learning more about your upcoming class! All the best — Bishop B.

  • pat morse says:

    Your drawings are beautiful and have been a real inspiration. Thanks for SBS.

  • Joyce says:

    Just finished SBS with you. I love your work and the class was great. Joyce Cook

  • Susan says:

    Always a joy to see your work and to hear about your travel adventures. Plus I just love tea! ? – Susan Robinson

  • Lin says:

    I love your teacup sketches, and had a lot of fun trying to make my own in your Sketchbook skool lesson -thank you!

  • Anonymous says:

    I hope I'm not too late. I fell in love with your teacups in Sketchbook Skool and would love to have an original Liz Steel. Susan Sutcliffe.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Liz,
    just finished an exciting week in Sketchbook Skool. Really enjoy your blog – have a great trip to Brazil.Hope you're managing to get some sleep with all this going on….
    Amanda Ashworth

  • liannallama says:

    Your teacups are so pretty and I loved your sbs lesson. Lianna Vigil.

  • Clare Jones says:

    Why can't we all just get oolong? ! ????????????

    Clare J

  • Jo-Ann says:

    I love your art! I can't wait until I am next in Sydney and hopefully able to attend one of your sessions x

  • With so many comments I didn't think I would have a chance, but if you don't go in it you don't have any chance at all. Who ever gets it will be very lucky – Shalyce

  • Amanda Gillmore says:

    Hi, from Vancouver Island B.C. Canada. I adore teacups. Your work is truly inspiring.

  • Anonymous says:

    Dear Liz, as I can see, there's lots of SBS students here, just like me. I have been following you for a while now and I love everything you do. You are so talented! I tried to post before but had a lot of problems. Let's hope this appears in the thread… I'd be really happy if I could have one of your cup sketches! Patti L K from Barcelona 😉

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm a newbie. About to check out your blog because Melbourne Cup is enticing.
    Bernadette Vydra

  • Hi Liz, I had a great time with your week in sketchbook skool this last summer semester. I still have to learn much more though so I will keep on trying to draw teacups and buildings to improve my results. And I would love to have one of your teacup sketches!! Hope to hear from you son!! Mari Carmen Ruiz Enriquez

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Liz,

    Thanks for all of the helpful information at Sketchbook Skool. I would love to have your art in my home for its beauty and for inspiration. May you be blessed and may your contribution to the world of art be blessed. :o) Cheryl Howell ([email protected])

  • Mary Scanlon says:

    Dear Liz,
    I would be delighted to hang your painting in my home – it's lovely.
    Mary Scanlon

  • Anonymous says:

    Love your teacup, and really enjoyed your Sketchbook Skool class. Looking forward to your online class. Brian Courtney

  • Eve says:

    Liz- I adore your tea cups and would love to have one of my own! Cheers! Eve London

  • Lisa Smith says:

    Hi Liz ! Firstly, I adore your art ! Second, I can't wait to enroll in your new course Sketching Now ! I missed out on "Seeing", I took "Beginnings" instead, because I am a beginner. But now I wish I had taken both 🙁 So your course is my second chance to learn from you. Can't wait for the class to open.

  • Liz Steel says:

    Posting on behalf of
    Pam Cook Gillette

  • Liz Steel says:

    Hi Liz Thank you for sharing your work here in your blog and in FB Truly you inspires us to be creative in so many ways I would love to have an original work of yours God bless! -hugs!
    Imelda Pascual Sarmiento (My FB account name)

  • Liz Steel says:

    for Leanne Carter Hi Liz. I love the pinks & blues AND your tea!

  • Liz Steel says:

    posting on behlaf of Nellie Dankel Krams

  • Liz Steel says:


  • millygit says:

    Hi Liz, I have been following your blog adventures for a long time, great that you are teaching at Sketchbook Skool, I love your work, Blessings as you follow where He leads,
    Michelle P

  • jerseygrrl says:

    i like how you use your talent to create beauty and pique an interest of God's truth to an unbelieving world. Also i am an avid tea drinker and a first semester SBS student (too busy this summer!). VERY glad they have you on board. ill return to it in Jan. Godspeed, keep up the good work for many more sixes of years!

  • June says:

    Loved taking your class in SBS. I was a bit behind, but right after your tea cup demo, I took my sketchbook and did a quick drawing in a little shop where I treated myself to a pedicure! I was so excited, I could hardly wait for them to finish so I could get back to my sketching! I, too , love tea and pretty tea cups, but would love to have one of your paintings some day. Thanks for all you share and the great motivation. June

  • delasoul26 says:

    Your water colours are absolutely beautiful and an inspiration for me to try display my emotions and feelings in art form. It's amazing what the heart and soul can create when given a medium!

  • kk says:

    I'm so inspired to go pick up a paintbrush again!

  • Simply beautiful, love the colours 😀

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the opportunity of winning a Liz Steel original and thank you for hours and hours of wonderful blog reads. Good luck with your new class venture. Louise

  • I'm a new subscriber, and aren't I glad that I found you, I am loving your tea cup sketches and look forward to seeing more of your work and reading more of your blog

  • Rebekah says:

    I am in LOVE with this piece!!!

  • You have captured, beautifully, my most favourite delight…Cup of tea ( I'm thinking Earl Grey) in a fine bone china with Roses, total gorgeousness!
    Yours (with little pinky at the ready) Felicity [email protected]

  • Cathy Bailey says:

    This reminds me so much of my mum who passed away over 20 yrs ago. She always had her cuppa in the fine china so much like the beautiful sketch you have done.

  • Flaf says:

    I would love one cup sketch!
    Florian Afflerbach

  • Your sketches always feel like RENAISSANCE to me..
    Reading your blog and detailed art process is an absolute joy. 🙂
    maria regina tuazon

  • RetRomantic says:

    I love you inspiring posts. Such a wonderful way to start a day. Especially Looove your cups 🙂

  • Lauren says:

    This would make a beautiful present for my Mum (just her cup of tea in fact).

  • I am a great fan of your blog and loved your videos in SBS! Lessons were so clear and helpful in breaking down complex objects yet retaining freshness and spontaneity! My mom was from Boston and a lover of tea- your tea cups are very special. Remind me of leisurely teatiime with mom!

  • Linda Tennant says:

    I would love to have something from you, and this is a lovely one.

  • Shelley Cameron says:

    I just found your blog post SBS. I am so glad I did. Beautiful sketch. Thank you for inspiring your students and sharing your knowledge clearing and concisely. Thank you

  • Vanessa Cherry says:

    Such a lovely illustration! Love your work, very inspiring! Vanessa

  • Anonymous says:

    I collect tea cups but have not drawn any yet. Your art inspires me to try and I woukd love to own one of your sketches. Thanks for sharing your work with us.

  • Would would stunning in my dining area 🙂

  • Linda Cobb says:


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