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October 15, 2015 | Leave your thoughts

A few weeks ago I shared with you an updated listing of my current palette (which I just changed by replacing Naples Yellow with Marine Blue) and then while packing for Tasmania, I took a photo of my full sketching kit. Well today I have done a big update of my ‘Current Sketching Tools’ page. It is such a big job and I realise there are more things to update and links to add (it’s a true bottomless pit!), but it is in good shape now. Yay! This is very exciting!

It is very handy to have this up to date as I can’t tell you how many times a week I share a link to it as an answer to one of many standard questions. These typically are:
what is your pen?
what ink do you use?
what are your paints?
why isn’t my Lamy pen working? (why I am responsible for this I am not sure, but I am happy to share a few ideas and links)

and so it goes on….

So, please, if you have a question go to my ‘Current Sketching Tools’ page first! Thanks!

My Current Sketching Tools page contains a lot of information and is updated regularly. As well as the general listing of my kit, I also discuss these topics in detail with links to further posts and even more details:
– Using these tools on location
– Using signboard for support while urban sketching
– My favourite pen
– Ink
– Flying with a fountain pen?
– Problems with your Lamy pen?
– Paint tin (and how I set it up)
– My current palette
– Recommended 12 colour palette
– Recommended minimal 4 (or 6) colour palette
– How I store my paints
– Watercolour pencils


It is very interesting to compare with what I previously listed in June 2014 as shown here.

The additions
 – Lots more fountain pens: Thanks to De Atramentis extending their Document Ink range!
– Cobalt Green watercolur pencil: I can’t believe it took me so long to discover this colour in the Faber Castell range. Thanks to Chris Haldane for showing me this pencil.
– The Pocket Palette: thanks to Jane Blundell! This is a great solution for all those colours I wish I had with me but only use on occasions.

What I no longer carry in my kit
– Faber Castell Pitt Brush Pen Warm Grey V. I used to use this mainly to do the headings for each day, but these days I use my Hero pen, so this isn’t needed anymore.
– Mechanical pencil with 0.5mm red lead. The full story about my red lines is here. I am working much looser these days and rarely do precise perspective or architectural drawings. A mechanical pencil of some sort might sneak back into my kit in the new year as a start on a new architecture based project for 2016.
– Lamy Safari Vista with blue ink. This has fallen by the wayside organically – I do like writing and drawing in blue ink but there is a limit to how many pens I can carry, isn’t there?
– Two brushes:  the large Da Vinci #10 round and the small Art Basics #2 round. The main reason for this is that my dagger does the job for both!

What about sketchbooks? Well, I have a separate page here.
AND… I have this collection of new sketchbooks to test out someday!


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