Tiong Bahru Sketchwalk

January 10, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

Ok… my blog is going to be very active and bouncing around between local stuff and Singapore for a few weeks…so….
just want to post a group photo from the wonderful adhoc sketchwalk on my first day

Photo by Parka – his full set of photos is here
and a group of my photos is here

Tiong Bahru Sketchwalk with Liz Steel (22 Dec 2012) from ParkaBlogs on Vimeo.

And I also wanted to embed Parka’s great video from the day (I previously only posted a link to it) Watching this again is a lot of fun and makes me realise even more what an incredibly inspiring group they are.

When I travel and meet various Urban Sketchers / flickr friends it is always very exciting… as you realise that people are always more important than art work.But it is like icing on the cake to come home and then see yourself with them online… that is how we know and interact and although nothing beats meeting IRL (in real life), once you know the person behind the work, it makes the online experience so much richer.  Seeing photos on myself in Singapore on other peoples sites and FBs in some strange way makes it more real! (I hope that that makes some sense!)

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