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September 29, 2014 | 23 Comments

I have been working very hard on getting everything ready to go live for my SketchingNow course. So hard that I haven’t had time for one of my random evening cuppa sketches. But tonight I made time and I certainly had SketchingNow on my mind.

Full Details and Registration will be announced together in early October which is just around the corner…but I can tell you a little about it.

SketchingNow Foundations
Starting Wednesday 12 November 2014 for 12 weeks.

Yes its the holiday season … but what an exciting time to gain the confidence to sketch more spontaneously and improve your visual thinking? This course is specifically designed for busy people and busy times – to keep you sketching and thinking about sketching right through the Christmas and New Year period. It will be a slow paced course – 1 concept a week – each week building on the previous.

This course will explain how I apply fundamental drawing concepts to sketching fast and spontaneously. Central to everything is the importance of constantly sharpening your visual thinking  – and so this is the core of the course.

 Edges and shapes and volumes – Playing with line and colour – Having a strong focus

We will be exploring concepts first with objects around the home and then applying this out on the streets – sketching on location. And yes… there is a VERY strong possibility that some of my examples of objects around the home might just happen to be teacups. (have I ever mentioned how wonderfully complex a teacup is and how many lessons can be learnt from sketching them?) For those in the heart of winter – a local cafe will be a perfect ‘location’!

This course has been designed for people of any level of drawing experience.
– If you are a beginner it will give you the essential skills to start recording the world around you on the page.
– If you are an seasoned sketcher,  revisiting the basics is always healthy for your development as an artist. I will be giving you special challenges – encouragement to test new ideas.
– This course will also help those that want to ‘speed up’ their sketching – a more structured way of visual thinking certainly helps the ability to be able to work faster.

The feature that I am most excited about is the spontaneous nature of the content.

I will be putting the material together the week before it goes live – I will be sharing examples from ‘hot of the press’ sketching adventures in Sydney… I will not only be sharing my approach but I will be sketching along with the class and exploring my beloved hometown in a new way.

We will be sharing the creative journey together.

 I am sure you are all wanting to know…. I am just finalising all details now and working on a special early bird discount for subscribers of my mailing list.
They will be the first to know when registration begins…. but you have to subscribe before Monday 6 October!

…. so if you are interested being notified about my class (and a special offer) please do it now below!
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