SketchingNow Buildings registration is open!

August 19, 2016 | 7 Comments

I am pleased to announce that SketchingNow Buildings course is now open for registration!

When you attempt to sketch a complex building:

  • Are you unsure where to start?
  • Do your angles always look wrong?
  • Does your finished sketch look like a cardboard box?
  • If you add colour, does it turn out too heavy and flat?

I have designed this course to tackle all these challenges and to empower you to have fun sketching architecture without the need for technical perspective!

SketchingNow Buildings is a 6 week course (with lots of interaction from me) starting on Wednesday 07 September 2016. For more details click here.

It’s really a dream come true for me to be able to offer this material online to a wider audience. And I can’t help adding that it’s really special for me to have two demonstrations filmed on location in Italy AND one of them being a building by Palladio… sorry my Palladian obsession just snuck out there!


for 4 in-depth lessons and 2 review weeks

A few questions I have already been asked

Do I need to do the Foundations course first?
It is recommended. The content in Buildings applies the concepts explained in Foundations specifically to sketching architecture so you will get the most out of the course if you have done the Foundations exercises first. You might want to check out my Foundation Fridays series on my blog which will give you a good idea of the content. If you don’t understand what I am referring to by seeing edges and shapes and doing sight measurements then I recommend you start with Foundations.

Will you run the course again?
This is the only time that I will offer SketchingNow Buildings as a weekly course with lots of teacher interaction. It will be offered as a self-directed course sometime next year but this is the only chance you have to do it ‘live’ working alongside others each week and interacting with me. Don’t miss out – this is a never to be repeated event!

Will you be teaching perspective?
SketchingNow Buildings will explain strategies for seeing and understanding buildings better, which I strongly believe is more important than technical perspective. Perspective demands its own course (something I plan to do in the future).

How long do will the course material remain available?
The course material will remain indefinitely so you can come back and revisit the lessons over and over again.


  • Serena Lewis says:

    All signed up…YAY!!!

  • Marie-Cath says:

    Signed up and looking forward to September 7th !

  • Simone Stork says:

    Dear Liz,
    it becomes a habit for me to join your courses! But see, it is not only to enjoy some weeks in your friendly and always inspiring companionship, because I do enjoy your companionship all over the year. And now it is an urge for me to say thank you in this way for the whole year of reflectoins and new ideas. I guess you`ve got lots of friends like me, who yearn to take a break in ther offices once a day. Some may go to have a chat or a zigarette, but some write your name in Google and get transported to the wonderful land of sketching! And so they return to their works happy and relaxed.
    You take us to adventures – I just like it! Go on like this.

    Your friend an follower

    Simone Stork


    Besides: Does one get a conformation of being enrolled to ones mailaccount. I used a new creditcard and miss mine.

  • Mustafa Shihon says:

    Hi Dr. Liz
    My name is Mustafa Shihon. Second year architecture majer at PSU, Portland. I’m very interested to join your classes and i just wondering if you do classes on December or October.

    • Liz Steel says:

      Hi Mustafa – my online course is available now. It won’t be available after mid Oct (until next year sometime) so if you want to join the course this year – now is the have ‘lifetime’ access

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