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February 14, 2014 | 7 Comments

Sketchbook Skool – the film from DannyGregory on Vimeo.

I have had so much going on lately that I forgot to share with you all a very exciting new project. I am assuming that most of you know all about Sketchbook Skool…but if you haven’t heard, Danny Gregory and Koojse Koene have recently launched an exciting online school that will be running in April for 6 weeks. 6 amazing teachers who will saturate all the participant with inspiration.Danny, Koojse, Tommy, Prashant, Jane and Roz…wow what a line up!

If you noticed a familiar face in the promo video I have been talking to Danny and Koojse  about being involved in a future term….but I am signed up for Term 1 and just can’t wait.

SketchBookSkoolSuperBowlSpot from DannyGregory on Vimeo.

This second video is getting me even more excited.

If you haven’t watched the video interview Danny did with me last year (it is just on the sidebar) you might not know how much I owe to him. Through his books and blog and the group that he started called everyday matters I started my first sketchbook and the rest is history. Everyday Matters was just the perfect encouraging and inspiring group for me to start sharing my work online back in 2007… and it still is a great place to be.

For me, keeping a sketchbook of my daily life is the key to my development as an artist. I know that I have big pushes when I travel, and love to go out Urban Sketching… but it is the daily recording in a visual way with my random notes that is the core.Without this I wouldn’t achieve as much out on location. Although I haven’t been posting much lately, nearly every week day I am still doing at least one sketch in my daily book. It is the chronicling of your work that is so valuable. In a book I don’t give up on my work, I add notes and make even the disappointing sketches memorable and worth keeping. How many times do you come back to a sketch you were unhappy about and say to yourself  “what was I beating myself up for… that is great..and what a wonderful capture of a moment I have – that is priceless”

Love the process and the process will become lovely… hmm.. just made that one up – not sure it is going to stay as a standard phrase!

Here is one of my early EDM challenges from 2008 (draw a cake…sigh how predictable) You know the morning after I had done this spread I woke up and said to myself “It is time to buy artist quality paints”!

If you are wanting to start keeping a sketchbook or need an inspiration dose to motivate yourself to do it more regularly or get back to it…. this is the online course for you.

Would love to hang out with you in the class.
For more details and to sign up go here

Hey – let me know if you have signed up and I will see you in the klassroom!


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