Perspective without vanishing points

November 22, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

Yes, that was one of the things I was teaching this week.

As an architecture student in the early 1990s I was taught how to draw my designs using perspective the old fashioned manual way. I did enjoy doing it at the time but have certainly have not missed it at all in recent years now that digital 3d modelling is so much easier, quick and flexible.

Sketching buildings out on location is quite a different thing and there is no doubt that this knowledge of perspective has helped me a lot. Although it is good to understand some basic rules but I think the most important skill is to be able to draw evenly converging lines and to be able to recognise on the page whether your lines are achieving it!

More about it on my Sketching architecture blog.

And both days I managed a cafe sketch either before or after….

Next week is the last week looking at tone and colour and then on Saturday I have a one day workshop condensing this 4 week course into 1 day of fun sketching! This workshop is now fully booked but I do hope to run it again next year.

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