Paris Day 2 - Part 2

December 12, 2009 | Leave your thoughts

Some photos I forgot to upload the other day…
BB & Monet
BB sketching at the Louvre
One of the highlights of my trip – visit to Le Select!
Rick, Borromini and Liz
BB and Ricks sketchbook
Wow! seeing these in real life was SPECIAL!!!
BB and Arnaud
Borromini was very excited when Rick organised this photo!
Paris02_05 Le Select etcGot a new paint tin from an art store just around the corner from Le Select and between all the chatting looking at sketchbooks I managed to open my three favourite colour paints and draw my cup of earl grey in Le Select.
I think it is very significant that the first two sketches I did with my new paints was 1. a cup of earl grey tea
2. a baroque building
Paris02_06 Dinner and Paints
Then my next two paintings were
3. food
4. my paint tin / palette.

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