080630 Monday

June 30, 2008 | Leave your thoughts

SEGOVIA WITH SUNDAY NOTESHere is the finished page from yesterday with notes from the sermons and other things I have been reading…. including starting to write the date wrong.(Have whited out names of people I spoke to at church and personal details – but the rest is all there if anyone is interested….) MONDAY’S FOODMy...


080628 Saturday

June 28, 2008 | 1 Comment

Another page in my food diary… trying to be a bit neater today And also my empty spread for Sunday notes…. this time from photos from a trip to Spain in May 2003. Late night sketch with a big flat brush done in poor light….


080628 Afternoon at Putney

June 28, 2008 | Leave your thoughts

What to do when you make a real mess?Well, I drew another sketch on Sheer Heaven paper when I got home and have stuck it over the top (on one side only)…so now I have an ‘interesting’ effect but can still lift it up to see and learn from the mistakes of the original.BTW SH...


080627 Even more food

June 27, 2008 | 4 Comments

Sketching a lot these days – and even in public but it is only more food! Thursday:I ended up drawing dinner twice once on location and then to fill my food diary page up…. the counting is getting a little easier (if I am doing it right!) Sketching on a small table in a middle...