New look SketchingNow and Edges returning soon!

April 21, 2017 | 1 Comment

Just a quick note to let you all know that there is a new look over at SketchingNow and in addition, a lot of improvements and new features are being added to the site.

I love the new clean look and I’m super excited about all the new features to the classrooms. I really hope it will improve the SketchingNow experience!

It’s been a mammoth undertaking over the last 6 months to re-design the site and build the new features (some of which I have been developing for the last 12 months). The knock-on effect of adjusting all the existing content (written text, videos and links etc) to reflect the upgrades has been overwhelming at times and there are still so many refinements still to do! Can anyone remember what Facebook first release was like?

A huge thank you to the team at Matter Design (Bianca, Seb and the guys) who are doing such a great job, Chantal Vincent and my team of testers for all the support and advice.

I will be rolling out these upgrades over the next few months so before you ask, if you have enrolled in any version of a course, you will have access to the new features. But you will just have to be patient as it all takes time. Thanks in advance.

The other big news is that enrollment for Edges will open up again very soon! I will be offering early access and an exclusive introductory price to people on the dedicated waiting list. Check that out here.

Ok, time to get back to formatting and checking links…


1 Comment

  • Maria says:

    Popped in today, for lesson 10 – taking it slow as I dont want it to end! lol – the new site looks great! Worth your hard work.

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