Memories of Rome- Borromini's San Carlino

May 25, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Borromini's San Carlo Ext
Not much sketching for me the last few days or for the rest of the week. Been a lot on my plate…one of which has been working hard to get a new blurb book ready.

Just a wee 40 page book filled with over 100 sketches that I did last year.

It will include some highlights of my big trip. It is SO hard to choose! A lot of the time, it is the place or the feeling that I had while I was sketching than makes a sketch special for me, rather than the finished sketch.
OK… this one is special because I was just so exhausted, sketched standing up on a narrow pavement…. but it is of my favourite building in Rome. This has to be the hardest building to see, sketch, photograph properly. It is on the most crazy intersection and there is no pavement in places!

Ah! Rome!

I have posted this before… but it looks quite different without all my text and quotes from George H Sullivan

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