IFJM 02 Threatened!

April 2, 2010 | 2 Comments

IFJM 02 Threatened!
This might give you an idea of what my plan for this month is – to view things that happen to me as the little fellow would see it. I will be using my iphone camera to help me get a more accurate idea of how limiting his view is – but then still sketching from life. Today, without realising it, I extended the view a bit to the sides and it has lost the menacing feel that the photo does.

Oh! I am missing my ink lines (already!) – they give me such freedom when I paint – I am not sure why heavy pencil lines don’t do the same. Oh well – that is part of the reason for doing these special projects!


  • travelingsuep says:

    Poor Borromini, I think it still looks menacing.

    He seems to be copying your journal style of boxing everything, I thought along with the lack of ink he might have been less tied to formality. Just a thought.

  • Liz Steel says:

    Thanks for the thought – I was thinking the same thing but decided to frame this one so it looked as menacing as possible.
    SO not just ink line- but I rely on my frames too much! Lets break all the rules

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