I love my work: A Curious Interested Interview

October 22, 2015 | Leave your thoughts

I am so honoured to have been interviewed by Tracey Henderson in her great series “Love my Work”.

Tracey is very inspiring – you can read more about her and her previous interviews here. I do recommend it as they are very interesting reads.

I was asked lots of interesting thought provoking questions that are more work related – rather than just art things! It was really good timing as I am in the process of reviewing what I have done over the last 3 years since I left full time architecture and where I want to head next! I was surprised by some one the connections between what I am doing now and what I did in the past – some of you will think it is amusing that my first job was working in a cake shop!

I have always loved my work, but never have I been doing work that I loved more. I loved being an architect and many aspects of where I worked, but there were certainly many tough days and tasks that I had to do that didn’t really suit me. I still have hard stuff to deal and lots of grind (far longer hours than I ever worked as an architect!) but the joy, support and satisfaction I get out of what I am doing is so great that the tough bits just get done! I have the freedom to work out what I like doing best and the freedom to make my own mistakes and learn from them.

I went through the archives and found this post that I wrote announcing that I had left my full time job. It is very interesting reading for me – I had no idea what I would be doing after the six month period of my ‘sabbatical’ but I was expecting to go back to architecture for 3 days a week. I never imagined that some of my dreams (which I have never shared publicly) have been realised more than I could have hoped! Other dreams still have a long way to go… but that keeps me going!

Many of you have been with me on this amazing journey … so  it is a good time for me to pause and thank you more than words can ever express for your support – for the ‘hits’, the ‘likes’ and espeically for the comments and encouragement. I have always worked on my own intensive creative projects, but since I discovered a way to share them with others, my life started to change. So thank you all!

I am still in the process of defining what I am doing, but there is no doubt that blogging is at the very core! While this blog is the place where I share my own personal take on things, I also want to be full of the content that you, my readers, find most helpful… but more about that in a future post.

And last but not least… Special thanks to Sasha Douglas – one of my best friends from Primary School – who introduced me to Tracey. She was the subject of an earlier Love My Work interview about her restoration of rocking horses. Please go and check them out here.

It is certainly on my to-do-list to catch up with Sasha and meet some of her horses – aren’t they incredible and very sketchable?


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