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July 29, 2011 | 1 Comment

This week I have been at a wonderful bible conference here at tabernacle Cardiff. I have listened to many wonderful sermons, met lots of wonderful people and have felt a deep deep joy in my heart that I can't describe – those in Lisbon might find this hard to believe but I have been rather quiet this week!?!?
There is a great deli across the road from the church where I come for lunch and try once again to do a sketch of the church that I am happy with.
I am trying to fade into the background this week but lots of people here have heard of Liz steel the sketcher (one of my sketches is used from time to time on the handouts from the church)

1 Comment

  • redtape says:

    Your conference sounds wonderful! Glad you are finding it meaningful. The church is gorgeous and I am determined to try sketching some structures. It is so intimidating!

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