Double group event: Foundations and Watercolour On Location

June 12, 2024 | 5 Comments

If you haven’t already heard…
I’m hosting group events for two SketchingNow courses: Foundations and Watercolour On Location.
Both will be Group Self-Paced Versions, starting on Wednesday, June 19, 2024, and lasting 12 weeks.
This is a fantastic opportunity to work through the course of your choice alongside a motivated cohort of sketchers from around the world. Focus on what you need most for your creative journey – choose your own adventure!

Foundations, my most popular course, covers all the essential skills every sketcher should have. Designed for beginners, it teaches fundamental observational skills and urban sketching basics. It’s also perfect for self-taught sketchers seeking improvement or seasoned sketchers wanting to work faster.

In Foundations, you’ll learn to:

  • Build a solid foundation with essential skills for sketching
  • Develop effective techniques for sketching on location, regardless of subject matter
  • Improve your ability to sketch faster and more spontaneously

Foundations sets the stage for all my other courses, containing the essential techniques I use in every sketch. I love revisiting the basics, and each time I go through Foundations, I develop new techniques!

Find out more about Foundations

If you want to get a preview of Foundations I have three free Intro Lessons which introduce the main concepts – sign up for them here.


Watercolour On Location is my most advanced course, designed for sketchers who understand the basics (drawing and painting) and want to improve their on-location sketches of complex scenes.

It builds on the concepts of Foundations, Watercolour, Edges, and Buildings.
Many sketchers feel comfortable sketching isolated objects at home but feel overwhelmed when sketching on location. The secret is to spend time thinking about story, composition, and values before starting, then using watercolour simply. This is what Watercolour On Location is all about!

In Watercolour On Location, you’ll learn to:

  • Simplify and interpret complex scenes
  • Create lively watercolour sketches with strong values
  • Sketch any scene, no matter how complicated
  • Create a focus and work in a way that strengthens it

Find out more about Watercolour On Location

Both courses contain indoor (theory) and outdoor exercises, though, of course, Watercolour On Location emphasizes on-location sketching. 🙂

I’m delighted to offer these group events for both Foundations and Watercolour On Location simultaneously. Which course is right for you?

Let me know in the comment section below if you have any questions about these two group events – or any other SketchingNow course.

And finally, if you have purchased either Foundations or Watercolour On Location in the past, please refer to the email I sent to you yesterday with details of how you can join the group event for free.


  • Martine says:

    I’ll be doing watercolor on location for the second time. This time, it’s summer here on the northern hemisphere, so no excuses about weather (although it feels more like autumn at the moment). I learned a lot from the first run through of watercolor on location, but was also slightly overwhelmed by all the (excellent)content. So I am looking forward for this second run through, so much more to learn!

    • Liz Steel says:

      Hi Martine! So happy that you are joining the WOL cohort! I’m happy to be able to host this during summer months for many of you.

  • Laura Truffaut says:

    Decisions, decisions… Having just revisited the Teacups course, I saw firsthand how useful it is to review each concept in order to truly progress, and I do plan to dive into Foundations a second time soon. For now I am going to give Watercolor on Location a try, as I am eager to push myself in that direction and to put my new outdoors palette to the test.

    • Liz Steel says:

      Hi Laura. Good choice. I only host group events for Watercolour on Location every 2 years so this a special event. Glad you’ll be part of the cohort!!!

  • Misty Pursel says:

    I’m excited to do Watercolor on Location! I’ve gotten out to sketch on location every day so far this month (focusing on learning about trees mostly and doing a few buildings) and I’m loving it, but could definitely use help from the principles I’ll learn in the class. I haven’t done the Buildings course yet, which I’m sure would be helpful. I’ll just dive in anyway! 🙂

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