BB is devastated

September 20, 2011 | Leave your thoughts
BB is devastated by borromini bear
BB is devastated, a photo by borromini bear on Flickr.

…and so am I. Yesterday I went into my local bookstore (Constant Reader at Crows Nest) to see if the one copy of Cathy(Kate) Johnson’s new book had come in. IT HAD! But tragically my phone was totally out of juice so I couldn’t take a photo of Borromini next to THE book( that he appears in) on the shelf. Today I had the phone and the bear but the book has been sold!!! So here is BB pointing to where it was- right next to Danny Gregory’s An Illustrated Life. At least it is good to know that it is finally on the shelves here down under and I AM truly happy that someone is now enjoying the book!!!

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