Back Home: Gearing up for SketchingNow Buildings

June 28, 2017 | 6 Comments

Q: So what sketching have I been doing since I got back home?
A: Not much.

The gap between my two trips is pretty tight (4 weeks), and it would be okay if all I had to do was:

  • unpack my bags,
  • catch up on things from the last four weeks,
  • prepare my workshop for the Urban Sketchers symposium,
  • do end of financial year paperwork, and
  • re-pack my bags.

However, in true “Liz-style” I am looking ahead to projects a few months away and then working backwards. The result of this is that I am having to fit a lot of SketchingNow work in as well.

It’s all exciting stuff, and I am on track, but it just means that some days the only sketching I am having time for is my morning coffee. The opening image is of last week’s coffee grid, and my prep work for re-opening SketchingNow Buildings in early September.



The big news is that I am preparing some exclusive free content for people who are on the dedicated SketchingNow Buildings waiting list.

Please go and sign up here so you don’t miss out.

And just while on the subject of coffee sketches… on Monday the lovely owner of my local cafe brought me out a second coffee to sketch and drink! How nice was that? But I will admit that it was a little pressuring as I dislike drinking cold coffee.


  • Jeanette says:

    I love your colour choices Liz! mind you, two coffees and I would’ve been bouncing on the walls 🙂

  • Jeanette says:

    um… make that bouncing “off” the walls… drinking one now and I’ve obviously lost the ability to use the correct words! LOL

  • I don’t know how you keep up with sketching and planning for all your workshops. Coffee must help. lol

    • Liz Steel says:

      It’s tough at times… the coffee is nice, but it is the focused planning sessions at the cafe that really help a lot!

  • Carla Giller says:

    I have a very tough time sketching my morning coffee . . . because I don’t want it to get cold! I think about doing it everyday, but then I don’t do it. Maybe if I do, that will help me to sketch quickly!!

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