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April 21, 2010 | 2 Comments

I have been struggling with whether to persevere with the Fake Journal or not – the Borromini idea wasn’t working and I just then didn’t have an idea with Ynyr. But finally at Day 20 of the month I get an idea… And as I hate giving up on things I am back at it to see how I go. I always find it benefical to push myself beyond my comfort zone and to try something different – so I will keep plugging away…and see how I go.
IFJM 14 Big Questions
IFJM 15 Rescued
IFJM 16 Adventure
For any Welsh viewers – I really don’t know that much about the place – just a whirlwind week through through your beautiful land- so this will be a somewhat personal interpretation from what we saw.
IFJM 21a Attention Seeking
IFJM 21b Down to Earth

This is part of International Fake Journal Month – Borromini’s friend Ynyr a little red Welsh dragon is sharing his thoughts and reliving a trip to Wales for the rest of April


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