Trip Prep 19 Getting my Art Supplies together

June 29, 2011 | 2 Comments

Trip Prep 19 Getting my Art Supplies together

ok… getting to some really fun stuff now… this was a useful page to do as it has forced me to find some of this stuff (my study/studio is in sewing room havoc mode at the moment..) I also filled my wonderful Visconti travelling ink pot and extra ink supply (really I do not need that much ink… the same quantity did me for 11 weeks last year… this trip is a mere 3 weeks!!! though the noodlers flexs is going through ink at an alarming rate!)

Haven’t fully decided or rationalised this yet… but a few extra things have appeared from last year(such as the glycerine to keep paint moist and a palette knife to prevent drilling holes and ruining my paint brush)…but I plan to avoid having to top-up on art supplies this time.

Have fun trying to decipher my scribbles – please ask questions or compare with the complete listing last year here


  • Cyd - June 29, 2011 reply

    Why the glycerine? Love this page!

  • Liz Steel - June 29, 2011 reply

    I put a drop of glycerine (bought from a drug store) into my spray bottle and if my pans (especially the tube paints) start going hard this will keep them moist.

    refer also to roz's detailed comment in her excellent blog entry

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