Tea and Treasures

February 7, 2013 | Leave your thoughts
0122 Tea&Treasures Visit 10124 Tea&Treasures 3a Nikkis Cup0123 Tea&Treasures Visit 2a0123 Tea&Treasures Visit 2b0124 Tea&Treasures 3b Morning tea with N0125 Tea&Treasures 4 black cups
0125 Tea&Treasures 4b Banana Cake0129 Tea&Treasures 5 Date scones0129 Tea&Treasures 5 Inside View0130 Tea&Treasures 6 Memory Lane0130 Tea&Treasures 6 PianoRoom0131 Tea&Treasures 7 Chilling All alone
0201 Tea&Treasures 8 Green Cup and Cosy0204 Tea&Treasures 9 Last visit

13 Tea and Treasures, a set on Flickr.

When I wasn’t at the beach… I could be found at Tea and Treasures…an amazing tearoom which was very very close to the flat that I was staying in!

Trish and John became like family for me during my stay – choosing special cups for me and giving me the grand tour of their amazing collection.

I wasn’t trying to push myself with my sketches here – but just to enjoy the experience and try to take it easy. However, I did realise that I was enjoying the break from inklines, that it was better to draw my morning tea as a whole rather than one object after the other (I always start with the scones since they get eaten first)
I found that I was too relaxed to feel up to sketching the interiors.. I did a few views but there was so much to paint on my table.

I was a touch emotional saying goodbyes on my last visit…I had had such a special time there!

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