September 21, 2010 | 3 Comments

Disappointingly we were stopped sketching inside … But instead we
got to sketch the outside of this Venetian baroque masterpiece in the
mid morning sun and shade.


  • Carol Lee Beckx - September 22, 2010 reply

    Oops I wanted my comment about the drawing to appear for this one - but really, all your drawings are beautiful.

  • Robyn - September 22, 2010 reply

    Brava for this one, Liz. Absolutely beautiful. I couldn't get in at all. Took photos while HWEM sat on the step of that cisterna, in the foreground of your sketch, nursing a blister.

  • Alvaro Carnicero - September 22, 2010 reply

    Great! I like very much your style, I think is very free.

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