081129 This Week

November 29, 2008 | 2 Comments

What I have been drawing this week: This Weeks EDM challenge Wasn’t going to bother drawing my toe – and then I thought of a reason to do so. This is life size! Thanksgiving As I e-hang-out with so many Americans I thought that I better have a token thanksgiving dinner. Hope everyone had a...


081124 A visit to the Zoo

November 24, 2008 | 9 Comments

A day off work and what better way to spend it than sketching… At the zoo! I feel like this has been a bit of a break through… I have been scared of drawing people and animals but mentally was keen to give it a go today. Here are most of my pages  (about 5...


The Real Me!

November 20, 2008 | 2 Comments

I am extremely excited to be soon a part of Gabi Campanario’s wonderful blog Urban Sketchers… It is such a privilege to be posting alongside so many very talented artists and a great incentive for me to get out and sketch more in my beautiful city! Check it out… www.urbansketchers.com Joining Urban Sketchers has meant...


081119 November Virtual Sketch Date

November 19, 2008 | 12 Comments

My second month of participating in the Virtual Sketch Date – I found this photo quite hard and not sure what to do with all the shadows on the tree trunk. I am also just getting to know a completely new type of paper as well… Ah! Having fun as usual! http://virtualsketchdate.blogspot.com


081115 Big Sketching day

November 15, 2008 | Leave your thoughts

A big sketching day today – I filled 14 pages (7 double spreads) of my sketchbook …I was hoping to finish it soon but wasn’t sure if I would do it in one day. Met up with a sketching group at the Chinese Gardens in the centre of the city. A combination of trying to...


081108 Birthday Party

November 10, 2008 | 1 Comment

Another page made up of fragments… This one created from presents at my nephew’s birthday party – the all important chocolate cake, a book with its own railway track and wind-up train and some star wars lego!


081107 A great way to end a busy week

November 7, 2008 | 2 Comments

One of the classic views of Sydney is just 10 minutes drive from my work, without too much peak hour traffic, parking available (and not too expensive)… What a great place to come to sketch and wind down after a busy week at work…. Although a very dull, grey afternoon there was the excitement of...


081105 Unite 3

November 5, 2008 | Leave your thoughts

Another two pages of the various elements that make up the amazing roofscape. I love trying to work out what is really going on from photos… How then to adequately record my exploration graphically?? And then a super quick sketch to finish off the exercise.