On way to Brisbane (and beyond)

December 20, 2012 | 1 Comment

An opportunity to have a one flight journey would have been nice … But finding a freq flight available at Xmas time is unbelievable … So I going via Brisbane. Where will I end up?? (A clue is in the time schedule on this page)

I am going to use the a4 moleskine watercolour. Already I am excited by the compositional opportunities – after my July trip I decided I needed a change for my travel journals.
The size of the book has its challenges especially on a plane so thankful for no one sitting next to me and while doing the sketch I was able to lie book flat.

1 Comment

  • Jen Appel - December 20, 2012 reply

    Safe travels. Can't wait to find out where in the world Liz will end up!

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