First Inverness breakfast

August 24, 2010 | 5 Comments

Paint is still wet so I will post will waiting for it to dry.
Yes that is more black pudding!!! This time from the other stornoway
Macleod butcher – Charles Macleod.
Don't worry I won't have this every morning and didn't eat it all this
Sorry about all the blank blog posts – I thought I found a quick way
to post.

Btw this is my relaxation week…..


  • Serena - August 24, 2010 reply

    Beautiful sketch, Liz! I don't like black pudding but my Mum loves it. Enjoy your week of relaxation ~ :)

  • AutumnLeaves - August 24, 2010 reply

    Absolute trip of a lifetime and such gorgeous memories to savor.

  • Sadami - August 24, 2010 reply

    Dear Liz,
    Lovely sketches! Please pass my best wishes to Borromini.
    Cheers, wink, wink, Sadami

  • Oma3 - August 25, 2010 reply

    Could you tell me what black pudding is? I have never heard of it... just curious.. thanks, Elizabeth

  • Serena - August 26, 2010 reply

    Elizabeth, to the best of my knowledge, the main ingredients in black pudding are boiled pig's blood, fat and oatmeal. These are cooked with various seasonings and onions and formed into a thick sausage shape encased with pig's intestine. I'm vegetarian so this is definitely not a dish for me. :)

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