Experimental mark making

November 16, 2012 | 2 Comments

Following the advice of Shirley trevena (whose new book I got yesterday) I decided to go crazy and make random marks on a sheet of a3 paper. Somehow a tea cup and pot was the image that emerged on the page.
Using paint from colours that I don't really click with (ie. ones I have tried over the years but don't use as a standard) in my new possum palette (thanks to Daniel green for the suggestion … I came across one in my last 30minutes in NYC in July)
Need to find some thick textured watercolour paper


  • Robyn Sinclair - November 16, 2012 reply

    That's a BIG piece of paper! Exciting to see you breaking out again with such terrific painterly results.
    Scratching my head over what 'thick textured watercolour' is. Or do you mean thick textured watercolour paper?

    I'd love to peek inside that book. Is it very different from the previous two?

  • Liz Steel - November 16, 2012 reply

    yes, I meant paper.
    Not sure if the book is better than the other two ... I am not sure that all the paintings are as good (not sure about this) but I think that following her process for 10 paintings is great. need to look at her other two books and I will let you know.

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