• Barbara Weeks - September 22, 2008 reply

    Thank you for sharing your trip. I enjoyed every page!

  • Deborah - September 22, 2008 reply

    Lovely work. I really like the buildings. I have trouble trying to add too much detail. These are great.

  • Create - September 22, 2008 reply

    What a nice way to remember your trip. I enjoyed looking at y our whole trip. I liked the architecture of all the places you went.

  • freebird - September 23, 2008 reply

    You have some very nice drawings of buildings here. I bet you end up remembering a place better by the buildings than the people?

  • Lynn - September 23, 2008 reply

    These are gorgeous sketches! I especially like the last one with the map and the boarding pass.

  • suzanne - September 30, 2008 reply

    Just lovely. So much inspiration to be had here!

  • Robyn - September 30, 2008 reply

    You get my award for Intrepid Sketcher, Liz - what an inspiration you are, making such beautiful sketches in that dreaded Tasmanian weather.

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