Cuppa Tea Time: My new SketchingNow watercolour cup

October 27, 2017 | 4 Comments

Oh! I’m so out of practice sketching teacups – it’s been over 2 months since I did one. I’m not sure why I’ve stopped doing them regularly.

This is a new cup that I’ve had for weeks. I bought to celebrate the preparation of my new online course – SketchingNow watercolour – and it’s a nice challenging pattern to sketch loosely in watercolour.

One of the main ideas of the course is to develop the confidence to let watercolour work it’s magic. So that is what I was doing when I took this photo as I had what was feeling like a watery mess on my page.

And here is the final result. It’s a great example leaving watercolor alone… and not fiddling with it!

So, do you fiddle a lot with your watercolour sketches, or are you able to leave it alone?

I’m hoping that my new course will give you more confidence in using watercolour – let’s eliminate fiddling!!



  • sigrun hodne - October 27, 2017 reply

    I fiddle - a lot! An eliminating course is just what I need! :)

  • Bernadette - October 27, 2017 reply

    I too am a fiddler! I'm better if I make it a routine practice to paint. Unfortunately of late, I have neglected any practice.

  • Jo christy brown - October 27, 2017 reply

    I fiddle too... Good to be reminded not too in such a positive way! Thanks

  • Flory - October 29, 2017 reply

    A beautiful new teacup, Liz! I love the watercolor sketches. I dared to do one recently (inspired by you) with NO ink at all—scary and exciting! Sometimes I can stop myself before I overwork the paint, sometimes not. This will be a great skill to refine!

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