At Mount St Helens

July 27, 2010 | 2 Comments

Had a most amazing day at Mt St Helens today. Did a 4 mile walk on a
warm summer to get to this spot. Not the most stunning sketch but
definately one of the most stunning locations to sketch. I hope to be
able to post a picture of me sitting on a wee rock on a steep slope In
front of the majestic volcano. Unfortunately the bear didn't quite fit
in this picture

Haven't done a good sketch yet but having an amazing time – despite
my usual beginning of trip headaches!


  • Cathy Gatland - July 27, 2010 reply

    Hey, I've been there! Went toboganning down with my kids a long time ago :) This sketch looks good from here, hope your headaches let up soon Liz!

  • vickylw (Vicky Williamson) - July 27, 2010 reply

    I LIKE your sketch! The mountain volcano looks so different from when we lived in Oregon in the '70s.

    Praying for relief from all headaches . . .

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