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Saturday, August 31, 2013

BCN.UK.2013: Thurs 18 My solo day

I just felt the need to have a solo sketching day and try to fit in as many things on my check list as possible... so that is what I did this day.

... for example this sketch - there is no way that I could have attempted that with someone beside me (I probably would have tried to sketch and talk and this sketch needed my full concentration...and more!)

Placa Real.... One of the most important public spaces in BCN and I had not visited it this trip (walking down Las Ramblas was not one of my favourite things to do)

A quick morning sketch while the trucks did all their deliveries to the cafes lining the square.(thankfully no trucks where in  my direct view but I have to make sure I didn't get run over!)

Palau Guell - a Gaudi building that I did not visit in 2003 when was first in BCN. Great to have a solo architectural visit to this amazing building.

The main central space/ dome. I added extra paint when I was up on the roof but managed to get most of it done inside without being disturbed. Fun to draw something so tightly designed in a loose style

 And of course ... more fun on the roof with the chimneys! Fun Fun FUN!

Unscheduled stop into the cathedral. I wasn't sure when it was free to enter but when I saw people strolling in decided that I would pop in for a quick sketch...
....but then I was running out of time for sketching a certain building with the morning sun on it - Caixa de Pensions. Love it!

 Palau de la Musica ... was on my top 5 list of buildings I want to sketch. I don't think I have ever attempted a more complicated facade... I was working fast and didn't want to get bogged down. It was challenging but I had a lot of fun!

 Desperate to sketch the outside of Santa Maria del Mar so I went on a long walk south to sketch it and then felt like I needed a break... how about some tea??? Back to Caj Chai for the third time!

I was still on a mission to draw shop fronts... how about the tearoom and the place next door?
I then found myself in a little square that many people had told me about and it was to be the location for Omar/Joao's workshop but on the final morning of the symposium was being used for a soccer match!

Combination photo of my solo day.... two friends at the end of the day. The guy working in the place next to the tearoom that I sketched and Miguel (Freekhand) who I caught up with in the evening. To see his sketchbook in real life is mind blowing!

BCN.UK.2013: Wed 17- Part 2 A teacrawl!

Wasn't at all scheduled but the rest of the day  (after our morning at Casa Mila) was a little sketching in between cups of tea (3 x good cups of tea)

Actually the intent was to try to sketch all those things that were so much a part of our stay in BCN that we hadn't yet gotten on paper... in particular we were thinking of some shops and some street scenes of the Barrio Gothic area. However we needed a cool drink- saw a sign for frozen coffee and went into a great cafe (Dibar cafe), with a view of a shop front AND also sold tea!

We then met up with Marc and Laurel Holmes in El Born area - I did a few quick sketches before heading off to afternoon tea.... you can see it was non stop sketching and socializing (and spending time on my phone sorting it all out!). View of the rear of Santa Maria del Mar and a shop Gemma in El Born.

Back at Caj Chai for second time- this occasion was a catch up with ea from Denmark! Wonderful time and wonderful tea.

Then I had to rush up north to meet up with Swasky to give him a gift and get him sing my copy of his Enjoy Gaudi book - while I waited for him I drew me tea (on the map page!) - also nice to see Miguel and Cesar again - 3 of the local team that worked SO hard making the symposium a great success. I was intending to colour my page of purchases and gifts but I think it is more appropiate to live it as lines since that is all I got time for at the time.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Melbourne Workshops

If somehow you have missed it....

I will be running two workshops in Melbourne in September. Both will provide essential techniques for urban sketching.

Saturday 14 Sept- 1 day workshop on sketching architecture out on location - there are only a few spots left so if you are interested please contact me soon!!!!
I have lots of fun tips and techniques to share with you (many that do not involve worrying about perspective!)

Thurs 19-Fri 20 - 2 day workshop: Capturing the Moment, the art of location sketching. Still a few spaces but might fill up quickly.
I will be sharing some core techniques over the 2 days that we have been exploring in my current Mosman class or the recent Manly class.

More details on my workshop page.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sketching Mosman (Balmoral) Week 2 - Lines

Well, I think that it would be hard to beat our studio classroom today for this weeks Sketching Mosman class. The rotunda at Balmoral on a very warm late winters day (23C was the forecast)

Today we were looking at line  and how it interacts with colour when working with ink and wash and various ways to treat hard and soft edges. After exploring a number of examples from tight to loose both with ink and colour we did a few exercises to explore a few options available. I offered my bag as a subject to explore and it was amazing to see the variations between each persons sketches.

We then headed out to do a few studies based on the same principles, of the rocks and trees of Rocky Point. It was so warm today that everyone sat in the shade (can you spot the sketchers?) Really stimulating discussion at the end looking at everyone's work about how the degree of ink effected the colour, how broken lines and marks could be used for softer edges and how working without inklines (or very limited lines) made the focus more on the shapes.

We have loved it down at Balmoral so much that we will be there for the remaining two weeks. If you are free on a Wednesday morning we would love you to join us…. looking at Value and Colour in the last 2 weeks.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

BCN.UK.2013: Wed 17- Part 1 Casa Mila

I am only half way through my July trip sketches (that means I have just started scanning Sketchbook No. 3!)… I have to keep the pace up so here is just the first part of the next day. An hour or so at Casa Mila….

I used to be a huge Gaudi fan as a first year architecture student. One of the first architecture books I bought for myself was a Taschen "gaudi' book published in 1990 …must have been 2nd year architecture! Anyway it was published before Casa Mila was cleaned up and it looked a grimy mess of a building and I didn't understand why anyone could like it (curiously I think I prefer Casa Batlo before it was cleaned - have more texture). Of course that all changed in 2003 when I first visited BCN and this building… the roof top is so crazy… so it was a must see, must sketch thing to do. Was joined this morning by the two Chris's, Jessie and Jason,

I started doing any overall view (from a vantage point of shade!) trying to capture the overall effect of this incredible place. (BTW I just record random bits of the conversation… I have no idea what the context was of Jason telling me that I have to try Justins peanut buter cups… but it must have been part of our discussion while we sketched!)

As fun as this view was, what I really wanted to do was to go crazy with the chimneys…

Can't quite put into words the fun I had doing these… or the degree of uncertainty as to what the end result would be… I just started to play with my water colour pencils and paints and respond instinctively to those amazing creations of Gaudi.

Monday, August 26, 2013

BCN.UK.2013: Tuesday 16. Day trip to Girona

A truly amazing day visiting Girona and being shown around by some of the local USKers.

Group Photo from L to R
Chris H and me (Sydney) Jessie Chapman (Virginia USA)Franceso (Griona), Omar Jaramillo (Berlin) David (Girona) Chris Ruiz Velasco (CA USA) at front: Jason Das (NY USA) Toni (Girona)

Special thanks to Jessie for organising us and to the locals David, Francesco and Toni… we really love your beautiful city and appreciate the time you took to show it to us! So much to see and sketch - so many dramatic streetscapes and views. Wow! I was overwhelmed!

So here are all my pages as I managed to fill during the day - it was one of those tourist sightseeing days with a group … and a challenge to sketch - never sure how long you will have or when you can squeeze a sketch in…so some of these were rushed! I like the variety …using water soluble tools are really useful when you only have minutes to get the essence of a sketch down on paper....

Day visit to Girona, a set on Flickr.