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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Working from Home

Forgot to post this yesterday...

I guess most of you realise that I am not working as an architect at the moment. I left my wonderful job of many years at the end of last year and have had a break for 6 months to see what would happen. Lots of things ARE happening - obviously I am now teaching once a week but I am also doing some exciting architectural illustration work.
Working from home is such a different thing - this week I have been 'under the pump' - working till nearly midnight so in sync with London time…but also having the chance to have a morning T2 cuppa or sit in the sun for a little while. And the flexibility to mix it up so that I can get my creative juices pumping when I need to is nice- I did this page to warm up for a challenging painting!
Also, it is fun trying to work out how to dress for working at home as well. I used to like to dress for work- wearing a suit made me feel professional…but also being able to dress causally in the office was nice too. At home, I want to dress for work…but still be very comfy. Today I found an old dress that is perfect- I think it is going to be my uniform! Plus I wore my CTL cardi to make me smile (tragic that I refer to my clothes by paint abbreviations...ok I could call them pigments numbers that would be worse!)


  1. Fun and interesting page. I hadn't actually realized you weren't working a "regular" job. That makes for interesting time.

    re: least with the sandals, it has been my experience they don't need any wearing in time.

  2. Best wishes to the crew ay T2.

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