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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Pen Holder Version 3

The result of my sewing on Saturday is a very rough new prototype for my 'ultimate pen holder'. Apart for the appalling top stitching (too lazy to change to denim needle or the walking foot - for you sewers out there) I am VERY happy with how this has turned out. Not sure that you can work out what it is actually like from this sketch. My brain wave was a side flap- means that it holds everything together in the closed position but can still get to most of my stuff (all of it I think) An adjustable strap would be great… but I intend just to put it over my head so pens are really handy.

It is so nice to get back into the mode of squeezing in a wee trip prep type sketch each night… although I have a lot of work and should really be doing other stuff. Such as deciding what pens I am going to be taking!!!

BTW ...Here is my version of the google celebration of a certain BCN architect's 161st birthday. It was just a warm up for doing some skies and illustration work…..
I love granulating colours and also doing things you are not supposed to do ie. drawing over paint with water colour pencils…. why not? I am just playing. Getting ready for my last class in Manly tomorrow which will be on "play" (have really enjoyed preparing for it!


  1. Love the pen holder. You're always so generous with your information, Liz. Thanks for all that you do for the sketching community.

    1. thanks Steven - I love sharing my love of sketching!
      - hope you are going well.

  2. I am looking forward to your trip and seeing it all through your eyes, pen, and brushes! It's something I'll never be able to do because of my health...but I'm excited to see it from your view! And...that it quite a nifty pen holder!

  3. I like the pen holder a lot and the side flap is genius. However, I'm thinking that pens might slip out of their moorings if the pouch is dropped. How about a short flap at the top which folds to the backside while working (held there by the buttoned side flap) and flips down over the pens to hold them in the bag while in motion, again held in place by the side flap? It could be thin fabric to reduce weight, or it could be a little zippered pocket. I look forward to your final design.