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Thursday, June 13, 2013

New chair at T2????

My sketch from this mornings brief visit to T2 teahouse. They might be closing in a week ...but new things all the time. A new (newly upholstered) orange chair (they are only red and green) and new cup - well actually it is one of the style of cups that they had when I first started coming to the tearoom.

Still collecting any messages/ best wishes to the wonderful wonderful staff at T2... would love them to know how many places in the world their tea has virtually gone!

So please leave a message!!!!! .... even if it is just "best wishes from (where you are)"
Thanks to all those that have left messages.... very special - thanks!


  1. Send my greetings to all at T2 from NYS (Catskill Mountains, USA) where there is no equivalent to this wonderful sounding tea shop that you've drawn with great love.

  2. This is to say hello to the staff of T2 from Vienna, Austria, Europe. Liz has been taking us to your tea room so often that I really feel at home there. Gabi Maier