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Monday, May 6, 2013

My actual palette (currently as of right now)

After that long wordy post about my basic palette...  in fact I carry around more colours. this is my current (as of today!) palette. BTW it has taken me over a week to get around to adding the paint to this page(that is how busy I have been lately!)

Suddenly I feel the urge to have a purple/violet in my palette. Haven't had one in there for years and years...but just in the mood for something different. Any suggestions?

BTW although this sketchbook is numbered 61- I have about 40 other sketchbooks from trips, colour book, special projects etc. I think I hit the hundred mark sometime this year. Rather exciting!


  1. I have both Quinacridone Violet (PV19) and Winsor Violet (PV23) in my palette. It looks like you're getting started on a S&B Alpha sketchbook--those are great! I will be trying an Epsilon next myself. Have you tried the heavier papers (Beta, Zeta)?

    1. yes alpha is my standard daily sketchbook I love it. The beta is beautiful but I go through it too quickly. Haven't tried the Zeta in book form (though has some sample sheets) Epsilon just doesn't work for me - but is lovely to write on.
      Thanks for the recommendation on the violets!

  2. My favorite is American Journey's Cobalt Violet...from http://cheapjoes.com.

    1. thanks - I will have a look at that!

  3. My favorite is American Journey's Cobalt Violet...from http://cheapjoes.com.

  4. I have both Opera and Dioxazine Purple in my palette, so I don't know which one to recommend ...

    If I didn't have Opera I would probably say Cobalt Violet ... but I think I would still prefer to mix up an opaque pink with the Opera and Cobalt Blue or Turquoise ...

    Dioxazine Purple I use often with Viridian to get the really dark cool grey. I use the Warm Sepia and French Ultra for the really dark warm greys... I like being able to mix darks but you may prefer to use your ink pens.

    I love checking out what colours others painters have - thanks for sharing your thought process!

  5. Lovely colors! I'm curious as to why you keep the packaging on the S&B sketchbooks?


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