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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Morning in Crows Nest

I know some of you are so bored by my teacup sketches... but I am sorry, I just cant help it....this time I have numerous layers of watercolour, coloured pencil, water coloured pencil and sprinkles... bit of everything... just having fun!

And well, I had a little more time this morning so I did start to sketch the view from the cafe table. I have been more or less having a break from doing street scene sketches in recent months and I don't feel like I have quite found what I want to be doing...but today's quick effort was a good start! I need to find a good block of time and just have some fun experimenting more out on the streets.

And BTW tonight I finished my Stillman & Birn beta book in just over 2 weeks! That is going through it too fast - only just starting to get a hang of the paper. Next I am going to try an Epsilon book (I AM hanging out for a zeta book big time....)


  1. If i looked at your teacup sketches one a day for the rest of my days i would never grow tired of them. The layers of fun you are having are so inspiring. I love this one. Could study it for hours. And i too love sketching teacups.

  2. I'm new to your blog so you can entertain me endlessly with teacups, cafes and whatever. Learning so much. Thanks!