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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sketch your Cake Class

Today I went along to the fabulous class run by Erin Hill once a month called 'Sketch your cake"... a sketching class based around High Tea! Now I know you are all smiling...but honestly I am not a big high tea fan - I think it is a bit obscene - too much food and too much sweet things. Just give me a good generous pot of quality tea and a serving of scones is all I need.
However... every now and then it is a special treat! Today we went to Gunners Barracks tearoom and it was stunning!

Now you can see why I was sketching that Old Counrty Roses copy china last night- it was practice for today. To be kinda in line with the class I sketched with my lamy pen but was careful how much inklines I used.  I must say that leaving the pattern of the china to watercolour pencil and paint (no ink to the pattern) is working well for me! Also, I realised today that I always start with the cakes and make sure that the arrangement and relationship of the various cakes is right before drawing the plate. As the foucs is the food, it then leaves me in control of how much detail is needed for the plate.
Another thing, which I often tell people, it is very important for me to have tea inside your cup when you draw it... focusing on the non-regular shape of the tea within the ellipse shape of the cup  helps with drawing the outline of the rim of the cup - I often draw the tea first and the cup shape next. (hope that makes some sense!)

I enjoyed myself very much - as the others did as well.


  1. Lovely composition, Liz. I'm just a little green with envy regarding what is on the plate.

  2. Ooh, that looks so delicious. Must have been so tempting to EAT the subject first though. lol.

  3. Thank you for that very helpful tip about drawing the tea first to get the cup shape right! I always have difficulty with the cup ellipse... I will try this!

  4. yes, the food was nice but really it iwas all a bit too sweet for me... just scones (like at T2 is much more my thing!)

  5. I hope my tea first technique helps MiataGirl. I might just have to do a demonstration soon!!!!

  6. Gorgeous, lucious drawings! I'm not a high tea fan either, but I love drawings of tea, coffee, food - especially with patterned plates and colourful cakes. Beautifully done.
    I have many coffee (and tea) drawimgs in my sketchbooks myself. Sometimes I dive deep into the details, and then when the drawing is done, and I take a sip of my drink, it has gone cold. It always surprises me in a weird way. I'm pretty sure you recognize that?