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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Revisiting Rivendell.....

After yesterday's afternoon little sketching outing, I decided that it is time for some studio experiments and developments. I am really not enjoying my ink lines at the moment and am getting such a buzz out of a spontaneous mixing of watercolour pencils and watercolour paint. So I thought I would experiment from a photo I took yesterday of the gatehouse to Rivendell (part of Concord hospital)

As my camera was handy I thought I would take a few photos of the stages...but once I started painting I forgot all about it. I also wasn't sure when I started what I was doing - so I started with a rough outline in yellow ochre WC pencil then added watersoluble pencil over the top (Derwent sketching light wash) . Next I mapped the basic areas of shadow/shade with that yellow WC pencil and then.... who knows. This isn;t quite doing what I had hoped to achieve - I feel the need to work bigger!
I plan to develop this technique in the coming days/ fun fun! (well I am enjoying myself ...I think that it might show a little bit!)

BTW I am LOVING using this Stilllman and Brin alpha book to be loose and rough and record my daily explorations without any pressure. I am less inclined to be journalling (though that is still happening) but definitely using it more as a working sketchbook. The paper is great for what I am doing - very robust for the workout I am giving it...but I am very much looking forward to getting into a Beta book next!


  1. I enjoy your art very much, and have enjoyed watching your "journey" through it. Each posting is looked forward to!

  2. Wow, great experiment and watercolours. I love it how you added some 'splashes'/drops of watercolour. Very lively.