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Friday, February 15, 2013

Out and About Class Week 3 Thursday

 Yesterday I went to meet the Thursday morning class of Erin Hill's Out and About Classes in Manly.

But first I set up myself to use class materials...well almost. I found my old cotman set (what I started with... the set I mentioned in my chat with Danny Gregory!) and then tried to find as close as possible to the colours that Erin recommends. (mine are all artist quality not cotmans - but I was able to find all except for a Cad red). I also tried to paint with a small brush (using the side of it) but nope, I didn't like that at all. I also used my lamy pen but, as you can see, prefer to go for pencil (what has happened to me?) The 'scary' notes refers to Cad Yellow - I do not know how to use Cad colours - too opaque and make murky colours in the palette - ok, that means don't mix in the palette... anyone got any tips on using cadmiuim's colour.

It takes over an hour of driving in peak hour traffic (rush hour) for me to get to I tried a new route but a few bad bits made me reach for my sketchbook.

That is my new craze - Indian InkInktense- what a glorious warm black!?

I got there early enough for a walk along the beach (dodging a huge amount of seaweed) and a quick sketch... ah! the salt air, sand and surf does something for me!

The warmup exercise today was people.... those art mannequins and then drawing each other. I managed to do a quick mannequin sketch after everyone else had finishes and then a quick sketch of Tom. I am not going to go on about how I should draw people more....

Then we went down to the Corso and sketch the corner hotel... well I explained perspectives to some of the class and this is my resultant sketch. Great Day!
Freehand Drawing and Discovery at T2
I then went to T2 to meet a friend to talk about blog/website options and did NOT sketch our teas. However, I did take Jim Richards wonderful new book "Freehand Drawing and Discovery" to show the fabulous Kathleen (manager of the teahouse) my tea sketch in the book. I just realised that I haven't told you about this yet... will try to do so when things settle down a little.

A final sketch for the day on the way home... stuck in traffic again!


  1. Oh dear. You *had* to mention another fabulous book. One that is already available from - how was I supposed to resist that particular temptation? ;-)

    I love the sketches of your paint box. I have both lemon and cadmium yellow in my set - I like the cad yellow for warmer colours, but I typically use a bit of both yellows when mixing colours. Which is probably not of much use to you since from the look of it, you have only one yellow in that palette.

  2. Liz, in a Hazel Soan workshop she used cad. yellow and red for bright accents at the end of a painting. It almost pushes transparent w/clrs away if you drop it in when they're wet, so can make patterns or textures in a lighter transparent wash.

  3. Thanks sandar - i will definitely do a review of the book soon -ish

  4. Cathy - those tips are really helpful. Thanks