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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rocks and remnant seafoam

Rocks and remnant seafoam
Sorry if I am boring you ... But I am so addicted to painting these rocks and watching the waves and breathing in the fresh salt air. It is doing me a world of good and I am overwhelmingly thankful for the chance to be here.
Sorry about the blurriness but there was a stiff breeze. Btw I finished up my day with a long walk along the beach, beach wall,river and then fish and chips - grilled barramundi. Ah! Australian summer cant be beaten. Had coffee with a local architect today - to think that he and his family lives here all year!!!!
Sea foam is still floating around
It is very surreal the way the foam on the beach floats up and down with the waves and then also is moved by the wind!

Sketches from the last 48hours...
A different beach for my morning walk (sea still way too rough fora swim)
This morning - A different beach for my morning walk (sea still way too rough for a swim)

And yesterday morning....

From the safety on a bench above the beach
From the safety on a bench above the beach- Oh !!! I love the ocean in all its moods. Of course I would have loved to have been able to go for a swim ... But no way in these seas. So sketching is a great alternative.


  1. Looking forward to seeing these sketches in real time.
    Glad it's been so good for you.

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  3. what an usual scenic spot and beautiful. Your paintings of the rocks with sea in back ground are terrific.


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